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How To Track Down Your Advertising Leads

We’ve shown how assigning different phone numbers to media outlets like billboards, newspapers, or radio ads can help track a storage facility's marketing efforts. However, establishing an online presence is also necessary. Fortunately, it's not costly because of...

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Are You Making These Mistakes In Your IVR-System?

According to JD Power & Associates, only 7% of companies offer an IVR solution that delivers a better experience than live agents. When used properly, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can provide a substantial ROI, but mistakes are bound to happen. Here are...

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How To Curb Awful Customer Payment Habits

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Companies needed to have a more reliable and secure method of accepting payments from customers. This led to the development of solutions that make it easy and convenient for customers to make payments.  A recent...

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FSSA 2016 Conference & EXPO

IVR Technology Group will be attending the 2016 Florida Self Storage Association Conference and EXPO. The event will be taking place in Orlando from May 11th thru the 13th. This multi-day event will begin with a pre-conference program featuring Anne Ballard, Stacie...

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Upgrade Your Security On World Password Day

Do you regularly make sure that your access is secure? Do you need a reminder to update your password? Rejoice! May 5th is World Password Day! This means not only is it a great day, with an easy way to remember to remember to change your passwords, but learn more...

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How To Increase Customer Engagement With Texting

It's 2016 and yet some businesses are still stuck in 1950. Postcards [advertisements via mail in general] are old news. I mean, have you seen the internet?! 80% of people are currently using texting for business. (eWeek) Are you a statistic? Tony’s Pizzeria “I’d like...

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How To Not Get Hacked

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. To put it bluntly, it can ruin a person or business's reputation if the right precautions aren't taken.   It's Sunday morning. You wake up, run to...

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How To Increase Patient Engagement In Health Care

Register for complimentary May 11th Webinar "Cut Healthcare Chaos and Costs with True Visual IVR 20-April-2016 – Buffalo, NY – Radish Systems, an award-winning mobile/enterprise software company, and IVR Technology Group, a leading provider in interactive voice...

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Text During Movies? AMC Says Yes?

In a recent interview with Variety, AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron said that the movie theater chain was making a move to appeal to millennials. Part of that would be allowing people to text during movies in the theater. “When you tell a 22-year-old to turn off the...

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