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Payment Gateway vs. Payment Processor

Do you know the difference? When the words "payment gateway" and "payment processor" are thrown around, do you really know what they mean? To put it bluntly, these are pretty complex terms that are often misunderstood. Here's a breakdown for those who want a brief...

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9 Benefits of a Pay by Phone Solution

A pay by phone solution is the best option that not only allows your customers to make payments from anywhere but check their balance in a secure environment. our customers can have the ability to make a payment using any phone, anywhere, at any time.

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10 Tips for a Stellar IVR: From A Callers Prospective

So, you have an IVR solution, but you don't know if it's a good one. I can help you with that, as can anyone who picks up the phone and calls your business. The other day I called a customer service line for a pretty well-known company in my area. The purpose of the...

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IVR Technology Group Recognized In Research Report

BUFFALO, NY, January 12, 2016 -- IVR Technology Group is proud to announce its recent inclusion in the November 2015 Forrester Research Report - Vendor Landscape: Interactive Voice Response Solutions. "In a world that's flatter, where competition is fierce, and...

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Would Star Wars’ Han Solo Survive In 2016?

In the 1977 Science fiction epic, Star Wars, audiences got to see fantastic worlds and technologies that existed long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. The movie itself featured a protocol droid that spoke over 6 million languages, light sabers, and a battle...

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Bah Humbugged? Dial a Carol Today!

Whether you’re getting ready to have a cup of cheer, or are having a blue Christmas, why not reach out and call Dial-A-Carol? The program is in its 55th year and is made possible due students from the University of Illinois brave enough to volunteer their singing...

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5 Survey Mistakes That Annoy Your Customers

IVR Surveys are used for many reasons. For example, they can help a company measure the quality of an agent's customer service or the quality of the their products. With this in mind, how you conduct your survey should also meet your customers needs. The opinions of...

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Tracking Phone Calls Proves Higher ROI

Sarah is a 27 year old newly trained sales rep who has just picked up her second job in a marketing agency. She's driven and has a laundry list of successes from her previous job. Her boss, Jim, has just given Sarah the task of answering the phone system for the day....

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Poll: How To Survive The 2016 Mobile Revolution

So, it's inevitable, mobile has taken over and people are obsessed with their smartphones. The bad news? More people are straining their eyes everyday. The good news? Businesses can really start to put down their foot and get their mobile strategies in place for...

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