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How To Handle Inbound Calls In A Financial Institution

IVR Software enables callers to get information about their account at any time, contact customer service, or even make a payment. Because customers will come calling, this is usually a staple for the phone line of most businesses.  Yet, is it worth the investment for...

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10 Reasons that will make you want Visual IVR

Download the infographic: "10 Reasons That Will Make You Want Visual IVR" Most customers want to be able to find their own solutions. When it comes to self-service, an IVR can help. Yet, some IVRs have too many options or put people on hold for more than they would...

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What You Need To Know About Click to Call

How does a company measure the value of their website? Certainly, if a company uses different means to attract a target audience to visit it must be doing something right. Yet, drawing attention is meanless if those leads don't convert to sales. Adding a click to call...

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How to Create A Customer Experience Survey

Every good business understands the importance of market research. Usually, this is done with a customer experience survey. The purpose of a good survey makes it possible for you to... Keep up with market trends Understand your customers' needs & desires Make...

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How to Protect Your Customer’s Payments

When it comes to payment solutions, your company has many options to accept payment. However, some options are much riskier than others. When it comes to accepting payments, your company should offer a solution that adheres to PCI DSS requirements. According to...

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