At IVR Technology we believe in Delivering “WOW” service and insisting on the highest of standards. This is why IVR Technology Group is proud to announce its partnership with CallMiner. CallMiner is the leader in speech and customer engagement analytics solutions. They provide customer engagement analytics in real-time.

One of the best ways to understand what happened during a call is to use analytics. This allows supervisors to figure out how a call performance and help their team improve. Usually, call performance is evaluated by analyzing what happened with post-call analytics. This allows supervisors to show patterns of how the call could have gone. They can show their team patterns that usually happen. Yet, something seems to be missing that could significantly improve these efforts.

Something seems to be missing that could significantly improve these efforts.

How Analytics Can Be Improved

To better explain, let’s use the analogy of a football coach. Imagine that the Monday after a big game, a coach showed his team footage of the game. With is he attempted to help analyze their performance. He explained how the other team’s defense beat the offence. He points out how the other team’s quarterback always threw to certain players. Not a bad strategy, but wait a minute…would he be a good coach if this was the only way he communicated how his team could improve?

No. Any coach worth their salt would his players how to fix things during the game, in real-time.

In fact, football teams have more than one coach. The head coach gets a lot of the credit. However, there are coaches in the booth and some watching on a monitor. If they aren’t communicating their perspective, the team will likely lose. If the head coach isn’t pulling his players aside and telling them what they should do while the game is in progress, he isn’t very effective.

The Benefits of Real-time Monitoring

That’s what Eureka CallMiner does for customer service. It allows for customer service calls to be automatically monitored as the call is in progress. Agents can receive information that can help them improve based on what is happening with the customer. This can help with:

  • next-best-action guidance reminders
  • script adherence notifications,
  • informing the customer of addition services they may need.

Real-time monitoring can diffuse a bad situation, and enhance a good one.

“We are pleased to have CallMiner as a strategic partner.  Both companies share a customer-centric working culture. As well as focus on reducing operating costs for our clients and are committed to improving customer engagement and outcomes.  With complementary service expertise, we are looking forward to expanding our deliverables with Eureka CallMiner,” commented John Crouthamel, Executive Vice President of IVR Technology Group. “

The partnership will allow IVR Technology Group and CallMiner to deliver faster discovery, reduce time to results and increase business returns as well as extract actionable and meaningful intelligence.