You know what they say about opinions, everybody has one. However, the ability to listen to the opinions of others, and shape your viewpoint, can yield success. This is especially true when it comes to business. Letting your customer base know that they have a voice, receiving their feedback, and taking actionable steps, will help to improve the quality of your business and shape your brand.

Listening is a quality of a great leader. One great example of this is displayed on the two-time Emmy-winning program Undercover Boss. Each episode features a high-ranking executive, of a company, posing as an entry-level employee for two weeks. This allows for the executive to listen to their employees without any filters. It is after learning about obsolete practices, and the challenges their employees face, the CEOs usually change how the company works. The lesson is that if a boss is willing to seek out constructive suggestions, or criticism, employees feel they can safely offer feedback. Thus, the quality of their workplace is improved.

The same can also apply to your customers and clients. Listening to what they have to say will help improve the quality of your business. This can be accomplished by asking questions, and conducting surveys. By learning what aspects of your business can be improved, your business can focus on it and exceed their expectations.

Large companies actively demonstrate that they listen to their customers often. One of the things that allowed Amazon to become successful was allowing customers to be able to leave feedback publically. Then other could read these reviews and decide for themselves if this helped learn about how an overall experience with a product would be.

Another example would be Yelp, a website that allows crowd-sourced reviews for local businesses. While this can allow for some feedback to some in, it may only allow a customer to focus on the overall quality of a business rather than aspects of it. Some SMBs have also questioned the validity of the critiques. Others have cited that Yelp offers to sweep some of these negative reviews from public view in exchange for purchasing ads.

Another problem with websites that offer this sort of service is how long it can stay online. If an apartment complex has a bad review that is dragging down their rating, have they learned from their mistake? Is the problem in question one that still occurs, or have they fixed it long ago? Was the problem something that took place when a different company owned the complex?

Much like on Undercover Boss, a business could be able to hear the honest truth about their business. Then they can take action and fix it before their reputation is tarnished. Best of all, we offer a solution that allows for all that and the ability to find out when a problem occurs right away.

The Benefit of an IVR Survey

An IVR Survey can help provide the answers your business needs from the feedback of your customers. Surveys are sent on your customer’s time.

  • Are customers on hold for too long?
  • Did your IVR route your customers quickly?
  • Or was your IVR hard to navigate?
  • Would the customer recommend your business to friends?

Your company could offer customers a short survey while they are on hold, or sent one via text to complete. With IVR Technology’s solution, called iSurvey360, options that work with your customer’s preferences and provide you with the answers you need. Best of all, if you get a negative response, iSurvey360 can alert your business right away so that the situation can get resolved right away.

When your business shows customers that they have a voice, it leads to success.