How to Increase Feedback in an Automated Phone Survey

How to Increase Feedback in an Automated Phone Survey

Every good business understands the importance of market research. One way to obtain feedback from your customers is to hear what they think about the quality of customer service. Yet, how can an automated phone survey be conducted?

For example, a contact center can figure out how their agents are doing with a post-call survey. This allows customers to provide feedback just after a call has taken place because it’s fresh in their mind. Yet, if a survey is misleading or wastes time it can be useless. Here’s how to keep that from happening.

1. Why are You Conducting a Survey?

Before you start writing, ask yourself what you’re trying to learn from this survey. For example:

  • Does your company want to improve customer service?
  • Is your company looking to expand brand awareness?

Create a survey that conveys your purpose clearly. Leave out questions that are irrelevant. This will maintain focus and yield the best results. Once you have decided on your what you would like to gain from your IVR Survey, you should clearly define the keywords in your topic so that you know exactly what you will be measuring.

2. Cater To Your Customer

One of the problems with collecting data is how much of your customer base will respond. Most companies have average response rates of 5-10% using traditional delivery methods. To increase these odds, you need to cater to your customers. One factor to take into consideration is which day will most likely get a customer response. Take a look at your social media posting times or email send times as a solid base of what days people engage. For example, studies show that if you’re sending out an email survey, Mondays will yield the best return. That isn’t to say that email is the only way to go. Other channels can yield different results.

3. Hey, I Just Met You

Sometimes, asking a first time visitor for feedback is a bad idea. Let your customer get the help they need first, then offer a survey asking for feedback. This will keep the experience fresh in their mind without being invasive.

4. Go with Who You Know.

In order to get the best response rate, go after the customers that are most loyal to your brand. These customers will be able to share their own knowledge based on their experiences with your company over time. Most importantly, they are likely to respond because they like your company. In psychology, this is referred to as the Ben Franklin Effect.

5. Don’t Lead The Participants

Honesty is the best policy. This is especially true when it comes to an automated phone survey. Keep the wording of your survey as neutral as possible. This will help to keep the responses honest.

Questions that begin with ‘would,’ ‘could,’ or ‘should’ are typically considered leading. Your respondent will feel uneasy and most likely not want to answer the question because they feel as though there is a “correct” or “incorrect” answer.

6. Get to the point.

One problem with surveys is the chance of your respondents dropping out. If a survey has too many questions, the chances of getting all the answers you need is unlikely. A survey should be able to be completed in under 120 seconds. Factor in the dropout rate. If too many people drop out before the end, shorten it.

7. Keep it Simple

If your automated phone survey questions are too difficult to understand, your respondents are going to get frustrated quick. Avoid the use of insider terms, or complex words. If the average person can’t understand your survey, you’re more than likely not going to get the results you need.

How to Create A Customer Experience Survey

How to Create A Customer Experience Survey

Every good business understands the importance of market research. Usually, this is done with a customer experience survey. The purpose of a good survey makes it possible for you to…

  • Keep up with market trends
  • Understand your customers’ needs & desires
  • Make strategic business decisions
  • Gain a competitive edge over your customers

A quick, accurate and cost-effective way to collect data that’s relevant to your industry is via survey. Here are some tips on how to write a survey that gets results.

1. Begin by identifying what you want to know

Before you start writing, ask yourself what you’re trying to learn from this survey. Any questions that do not help you get to your answer should not be included in this survey. Leave them out.

Example: we’re looking to determine why our customers choose to do business with us. These means don’t ask what your customers like to eat for dinner. This answer might be interesting, but it won’t help you learn why they value your business relationship.

2. Choose your words carefully

Make sure you don’t load up your survey with industry jargon or slang that may confuse potential respondents or deter them from completing your survey. Just because you know exactly what something means doesn’t mean everyone will. Speak plain English, and you’ll collect better, more honest and more accurate results.

Example: What would you rather do than miss tonight’s HIMYM? Fans of the show “How I Met Your Mother” will know what you mean, but people who don’t watch won’t have a clue. They’d also give very different answers. 

3. Avoid leading questions

Don’t ask a question that makes it obvious you’re looking for a specific answer. You’ll get the answer you’re looking for, but it probably won’t be an honest result. Questions that begin with ‘would,’ ‘could,’ or ‘should’ are typically considered leading. Asking questions in this way makes it obvious that the person/company who wrote the survey believes there is a right answer. Your respondent will want to answer the question “right,” thereby skewing your data.

Example: “Wouldn’t it be better if more people donated money to this charity?”

4. Avoid double-barreled questions

This means you’re asking two questions at the same time. A respondent’s answer to one question may not be the same as their answer to the second question. Or, one of the two questions you’re asking may not be applicable/relevant to all respondents.

Example: What’s the fastest and more economical car? 

5. Offer an answer option for questions that do not apply

If there’s a chance that your question may not apply to every single respondent, include “nonapplicable” or “does not apply” as an answer option. This will help keep your data clean and increase its accuracy. Including answer options that make sense will also keep your respondents happier and willing to participate in future surveys.

Example: Where do you store your Nike sneakers?

(a)  In my closet
(b) On a shoe rack
(c) In the garage

If your respondent doesn’t have Nike sneakers, they’d be forced to choose any option just to move on. This would make your data weaker and more inaccurate. By including ‘nonapplicable’ as an option, you’ll only collect relevant data.

Once your survey is written, you’ll have to consider how you’re going to collect responses. IVR and web surveys are easy to create and distribute. Here are some of the benefits to using an IVR survey or a web survey.

  • Less time consuming for respondents
  • Less expensive for you to collect data
  • Pre-screening options available
  • Increased honesty of responses
  • Easy to set up
  • Quick to distribute
  • Use open-ended or multiple choice questions
5 Customer Survey Strategies You Need To Know Now

5 Customer Survey Strategies You Need To Know Now

A Customer Survey is more than just a series of questions.

One of the foundations that allow your business to grow is making the consistent delivery of quality customer service a top priority. When customers continuously have a positive experience with a company they will be more likely to be loyal to them. A company can find out how to improve this trait by providing customers with customer satisfaction surveys. The customer survey itself would consist of a series of questions based on various aspects of quality customer service. Examples of these issues could include how soon they were helped or the cleanliness of the store. When enough customer surveys are completed, perhaps you will discover patterns within the answers. This information would show business leaders where they have opportunities for improvement.

1. Discover Which Channels Customers Prefer

Unfortunately for a lot of companies, customer survey response rates are low. Most companies average response rates of 5-10% using traditional delivery methods. To increase these odds, you need to cater to your customers. Before you start sending out your customer surveys, you need to choose a delivery method that your customers prefer. Of course, a system that will work for one customer may not necessarily work for others. Therefore, having multiple options is important. Offer customer survey options that allow people to come to your website, call a hotline, get an email, or even take a survey by texting.

2. Keep Your Customer Surveys Simple and Clear

Make sure your customer computer surveys are clear, concise, and to the point. To guarantee a good response, from your customers, you need to verify that the survey is easy to understand and applicable to the experience your customer just had. For example, Youtube has a system that lets their viewers easily evaluate videos. Either the viewer clicks a thumbs up for approval or thumbs down for disapproval. So the easier your customer survey is to complete, the more likely customers will complete it. Granted, your survey doesn’t need to be easy to fill out as YouTube’s a simple 1-5 system will do. Also, there’s no reason to get detailed with questions. Should a customer need to be able to expound upon an issue, they will most likely do that on their own.

3. Take Advantage of Negative Responses

Just because a customer gave a negative response, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. If a customer leaves negative feedback, that means your company has an opportunity to improve.  Pay attention to what issues come up, see if you can find trends, and listen.

4. Tell Them You’ll Listen

Your customers are taking the time to fill out a survey, let them know you’re listening to them. Even if they have negative things to say about your customer service agents, most likely they just want things to be better. That can start with a simple message. Thank the customer for taking the time to provide their input. Let them know you want to improve their experience. This will not only help to increase your response rate but let the customer know you are listening.

Customers don’t want to waste their time filling out a survey. They want to know they’re making an impact.

5. Respond Right Away

Your customers will know that they make an impact if you respond right away. Ask how you can get a hold of them, and follow through. IVR Technology Group offers a product called iSurvey360. When a customer gives a negative response to a customer survey question, you can find out immediately. That way you’ll be able to make adjustments as soon as possible. With iSurvey360, your customers to have their voice heard via phone, email, text, or whatever works for them. This assures that you can listen to the voice of their customer and improve your business.

How To Improve Your Business With Customer Feedback

How To Improve Your Business With Customer Feedback

You know what they say about opinions, everybody has one. However, the ability to listen to the opinions of others, and shape your viewpoint, can yield success. This is especially true when it comes to business. Letting your customer base know that they have a voice, receiving their feedback, and taking actionable steps, will help to improve the quality of your business and shape your brand.

Listening is a quality of a great leader. One great example of this is displayed on the two-time Emmy-winning program Undercover Boss. Each episode features a high-ranking executive, of a company, posing as an entry-level employee for two weeks. This allows for the executive to listen to their employees without any filters. It is after learning about obsolete practices, and the challenges their employees face, the CEOs usually change how the company works. The lesson is that if a boss is willing to seek out constructive suggestions, or criticism, employees feel they can safely offer feedback. Thus, the quality of their workplace is improved.

The same can also apply to your customers and clients. Listening to what they have to say will help improve the quality of your business. This can be accomplished by asking questions, and conducting surveys. By learning what aspects of your business can be improved, your business can focus on it and exceed their expectations.

Large companies actively demonstrate that they listen to their customers often. One of the things that allowed Amazon to become successful was allowing customers to be able to leave feedback publically. Then other could read these reviews and decide for themselves if this helped learn about how an overall experience with a product would be.

Another example would be Yelp, a website that allows crowd-sourced reviews for local businesses. While this can allow for some feedback to some in, it may only allow a customer to focus on the overall quality of a business rather than aspects of it. Some SMBs have also questioned the validity of the critiques. Others have cited that Yelp offers to sweep some of these negative reviews from public view in exchange for purchasing ads.

Another problem with websites that offer this sort of service is how long it can stay online. If an apartment complex has a bad review that is dragging down their rating, have they learned from their mistake? Is the problem in question one that still occurs, or have they fixed it long ago? Was the problem something that took place when a different company owned the complex?

Much like on Undercover Boss, a business could be able to hear the honest truth about their business. Then they can take action and fix it before their reputation is tarnished. Best of all, we offer a solution that allows for all that and the ability to find out when a problem occurs right away.

The Benefit of an IVR Survey

An IVR Survey can help provide the answers your business needs from the feedback of your customers. Surveys are sent on your customer’s time.

  • Are customers on hold for too long?
  • Did your IVR route your customers quickly?
  • Or was your IVR hard to navigate?
  • Would the customer recommend your business to friends?

Your company could offer customers a short survey while they are on hold, or sent one via text to complete. With IVR Technology’s solution, called iSurvey360, options that work with your customer’s preferences and provide you with the answers you need. Best of all, if you get a negative response, iSurvey360 can alert your business right away so that the situation can get resolved right away.

When your business shows customers that they have a voice, it leads to success.

How To Tell If People Are Lying In Your IVR Survey

How To Tell If People Are Lying In Your IVR Survey

Is your company looking to do some spring cleaning and looking to make some fresh changes? From time to time, it’s good to get a fresh outlook or perspective. An IVR Survey is one of the best ways to get your customer’s feedback. However, part of the risk of trying a new endeavor is how your customers will react to it as people will generally resist change. While it’s a good idea to get your customer’s opinion and determine their wants and needs, will you truly be getting the answers you’re looking for?

When it comes to an IVR survey, anonymous or not, people may have a tendency to avoid telling the truth. Part of the reason for this is people generally would are more likely to answer with how they want to be perceived rather than how they actually are. Therefore, people will provide more socially acceptable answers.

Customers may also avoid telling the truth. For example, if an IVR survey asks how important a factor the price of items are is customers will be more likely to say it’s very it’s very important to avoid the price of items getting raised. In other cases, customers may not have all the answers you’re looking for. If a survey asks about the cleanliness of a store, the customer may not have noticed how clean it was. The inverse is not true if a store is filthy customers will notice that right away.

Other problems can arise when customers are asked leading questions.
• “How good was the quality of our customer service?”
• “How bad was the quality of our customer service?”
This can lead to results that vastly skew the customer experience. Questions should instead be neutral in order to guide a customer to come up with their own result.

A smart IVR survey will repeat the same questions over and over in different wording. Granted, there is still the challenge of keeping the IVR survey brief if you don’t want the customer to give up from boredom. In order to get more honest answers from your customers, neutral questions are good but the justification for those answers are better. One tactic is to ask how certain a respondent is about their answer. This will likely work for yes or no answers, but can help to reduce the amount of uncertainty.

IVR Technology Group can allow customers to justify survey answers via the methods they are delivered. With iSurvey360, surveys can be delivered with a phone call. With an IVR survey, a customer’s answer can be recorded. This will allow a company to literally listen to the voice of their customer. Another method of delivery with iSurvey360 can utilize is via text message. With this method, a customer can provide justification of their answers in 140 characters of less.

5 Survey Mistakes That Annoy Your Customers

5 Survey Mistakes That Annoy Your Customers

IVR Surveys are used for many reasons. For example, they can help a company measure the quality of an agent’s customer service or the quality of the their products. With this in mind, how you conduct your survey should also meet your customers needs. The opinions of your customers are a valuable resource, and you don’t want to frustrate them when they are providing feedback. Here are some mistakes to avoid, and how to amend them. 

Mistake #1 –  Wasting your customer’s time

Asking your customer to complete a survey before speaking with a live agent is a great way to get a response. The voice of your customer is important, but they will not be likely to respond if they don’t know what they are about to get into. If they agree to take a survey let them know how many questions it contains.

This is better than telling them the estimated time it should take to complete a survey, or worse promise that it will be “brief”. Some customers are not as quick with a keypad as others, and may get put off if they are on a survey for ten minutes when it was supposed to take only a few minutes of their time.

Mistake #2 –  Providing too many numbers

Asking your customers to respond on a scale of 1-10 can be confusing. As phone keypads only have the numbers 0-9 your customers will likely not know if the zero key represents the best possible or worst possible number. This will certainly throw off the quality of your answers. Have quality be measured on a 1-5 scale.

Better yet, have customers answer yes/no questions (e.g. press 1 for yes, or 2 for no), and allow them to elaborate. This will be a better away to help gauge your customer’s responses.

Mistake #3 – Only providing one method to get answers

Asking a customer to take a survey question immediately after a call can be a good idea. However, just like all your customers aren’t the same neither are their schedules. A customer may want to provide an option, but not have the time to take a survey there and then.

This mistake can be avoided by allowing other options. Maybe a customer would prefer to answering question via text, or email. With iSurvey360, you can provide options that are more in tune with the preferences of your customers.

Mistake #4 –  Relying on the same old questions

Mix it up a little. If your company is going to release a new product, or run a promotion, create a survey that will mention this. Once in the system, your company can find out how much your customers are looking forward to it.

Our iSurvey360 solution is programmed to send out an alert as soon as an unfavorable response is registered, so that your company can address problems quickly. If this problem used to be a trend, ask your customers if they are satisfied with the changes your company made to address this.

Mistake #5 – Not following up

If your customer took the time to tell you their needs weren’t met, why shouldn’t your company take the time to reassure them that the problem has been, or will be, addressed. Contact the customer and follow up. This will let them know how valuable they are. Furthermore, if your company is looking for a way to meet their needs, perhaps they can elaborate and provide a comparable solution.

Or maybe the customer provided an incorrect response by accident. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

At IVR Technology, building and distributing quality surveys is part of what we do. Our custom reporting tools allow your company integrate your survey seamlessly, and analyze your data in real time. Use our IVR surveys or our web surveys to help you with product development, improving customer relations, measuring internal satisfaction & more.

How To Create The Ultimate Customer Survey

How To Create The Ultimate Customer Survey

One way that a company can improve itself is to give customers the opportunity to let their voices be heard. Yet, just building a survey isn’t enough. In order to conduct research successfully, it’s important to convince your customers to take it.

  1. Target loyal customers

When asking your customers to participate in a survey, your most loyal customers will be more likely to participate. In psychology, this is referred to as the Ben Franklin Effect. Namely, if a customer is loyal to your brand they would be more likely to agree to participate in your survey.

  1. Keep it brief.

It’s important to design your survey to be as easy to take as possible. Keep it brief, use simple language, and get to the point. This can be accomplished by making your survey multiple choice. If you want to gauge the various aspects of customer satisfaction, base it off a scale that ranks from 1 – 5. Five being the utmost qualify and one being the lowest. The easier your survey is to take, the more likely it is that people will complete it.

  1. What’s in it for your customers?

When a customer takes the time to voice their opinions about your service, it helps your company make changes. Meeting customer needs is nice, but that will take time. Not to mention, customers may ignore the opportunity to voice a positive review if they perceive that nothing is in it for them.

More customers would be more inclined to answer if they were offered an incentive. Offer customers a coupon, or discount code, for completing a survey. Not only will you be more likely to entice more people to take the survey, but then they have a reason to use your service again.

  1. Offer multiple options.

Do some customers prefer to be contacted by email while others rely more on traditional mail? Give your customers the option to answer your questions by whichever method they prefer. This can include posting a survey on your company’s website, allowing customers to take a survey via text message, emailing customers a survey, or having customers take a survey by phone.

  1. Make your Survey fresh.

Make sure your survey is given to the customer as close to their experience as possible. The fastest way this can happen is an IVR survey. This would allow customers to be can be transferred to a survey seconds after the phone call takes place.

A survey is a great way for your company to hear from your customers. While loyal customers are more inclined to participate, it isn’t a guarantee. The opinions of customers that use your service on occasion should also be taken into consideration. Offering an incentive will increase the likelihood of them coming back. Finally, make sure that the survey can be taken as close to the time of their experience as possible.


How To Get Customers To Review Your Business

How To Get Customers To Review Your Business

There’s an old saying in business, “The customer is always right.” In order for a company to be successful, or stay successful the needs of the customer are crucial. While this philosophy is fine, in and of itself, how the customer’s voice gets heard is what’s important.

Customer feedback can provide valuable insight for a business. Listening to your customers can help to: improve the current way in which a product is delivered, improve the overall customer service experience, and even help learn what decisions a company should make. When a business follows through, and keeps customers happy, this can help to keep them loyal to their brand.

They are many methods in which a business can receive customer feedback, which we will explore:

  • Via a website dedicated to customer reviews, such as Yelp
  • Mailing a survey to a customer
  • Using a dedicated IVR Survey to get reviews.
Websites, such as Yelp, allow customers to provide feedback for a business and review their personal experience using a rating between one and five stars. While the theory is sound, the practice as its problems. Since reviews are anonymous, negative reviews can exaggerate the truth and not provide true feedback. This is also the case when some reviewers focus on writing for the sake of entertaining a fan base.

Tried a true methods, of getting feedback, can include mailing a survey to a customer base. While sending mail has less chance of technical hiccups, this can be a time-consuming method to get feedback. Not to mention, it relies too much on the customer’s memory. Companies that rely solely on this method will need to wait for a while before they can learn of their customers’ responses, much less implement their suggestions.iSurvery360 provides customers with multiple options to provide feedback.

An IVR survey can help provide a quick, and easy, solution to get the feedback a company needs. Customers can be transferred to a survey seconds after the phone call takes place. This allows the customer to provide feedback while the memory of their experience is fresh in their mind. Yet, some customers will prefer email while others prefer text messages. Which one should a business choose? IVR Technology Group believes that the customer should decide.

Our IVR Survey, called iSurvey360, allows customers to chose how they provide feedback. With our solution a customer can:

  • Have the call transferred to a voice survey as soon as the call is completed
  • Receive a survey that can be completed via text message
  • Fill out a survey sent by email
Best of all, solutions can be implemented right away. Our iSurvey360 solution is programmed to send out immediate alerts when an unfavorable response is registered. These alerts allow a company to identity a problem immediately, and make changes as soon as possible.


Here’s How To Find Out What Your Customers Really Think

Here’s How To Find Out What Your Customers Really Think

In order to run a successful business, it’s important to make sure your company is meeting the needs of your customers. A successful business listens to their customers to figure out what keeps them coming back. Or, in a worst case scenario, did something happen to make a valued customer unhappy?

  • Do customers believe they are on hold for too long?
  • Did a customer feel the agent was able to answer their questions clearly?
  • Would the customer recommend your business to friends?

Whether a customer is happy or not shouldn’t be left up to speculation.

An IVR Survey can help provide the answers your business needs from the feedback of your customers.

While waiting for an agent, a customer can be asked to complete a short survey after the call. A short survey can go a long way. You’ll be able to find out the answers to questions such as:

IVR Surveys can help provide the answers your business needs to improve. With IVR Technology’s solution, called iSurvey360, we offer multiple options. Customers can be seamlessly transferred to a quick voice survey after the call, sent a text survey, or get a survey sent to them by email. Whatever their preferred method is, their voice can be heard. Our iSurvey360 solution is fully automated. By providing some quick questions for your customers to answer, you can get their honest feedback.

1Survey360 provided many options so your customers can provide the feedback you need.The more responses your survey gets, the easier it will be to identify what your company is doing well and where it needs to improve. However, some customers may need a little incentive so that they feel something is in it for them. Your business could offer a freebie or a discount to customers who complete the survey for you. Customers may even be inclined to answer questions if they know that, upon completion, a donation will be made to a charity. Perhaps customers would appreciate being presented with multiple options and being able to choose their reward.

We believe that you’ll want to make changes to your company as soon as possible. With this in mind, iSurvey360 is programmed to send out alerts when as unfavorable response it registered. When your customer completes a survey, you’ll be able to make positive changes immediately. This immediate feedback allows you to quickly identify problem areas and make positive and that impact your business.

How To Determine If Your Customers Are Happy

How To Determine If Your Customers Are Happy

Call analytics are a powerful tool that can help shape how your advertising revenue is spent and who it targets and improve your customer service. While analytics show trends, they are only part of the story. Analytics show how many people were curious about your product or promotion. If you allow them to the opportunity to offer feedback, it will show why you have their attention.

If your company is running a promotion, your customers will usually check it out by calling or going to your website. An analytics report will tell you where the customer was calling from and what time they called. This report can help restructure your advertising and marketing efforts by showing what brought the customer to you.

While this may give you a general idea why customers are calling, there could be a specific reason for that call that isn’t shown in analytics reporting.

Here are some other questions you may have about your company:
• How do your customers perceive your brand?
• What can be done to improve your marketing efforts?
• Are customers satisfied with the quality of your customer service?

The only way to truly know the impact of these efforts is to ask your customers.

Customer satisfaction surveys (or CSat Surveys) have several benefits. They allow your company to have a better understanding of your marketing efforts. They help your customers feel heard, which helps improve the overall quality of your customer service. They determine the customer’s reason for calling and whether or not their situation was resolved, which allows you to implement better solutions.

Bring your customer service experience full circle with iSurvey360, IVR Technology Group’s customers satisfaction survey tool. With iSurvery360, you can easily assess how satisfied your customers are with the quality of your products and customer service. The set up process is quick, which allows your customers to leave feedback as soon as possible. It also allows for multiple languages to accommodate all your customers.

We are sure you would like the experience of getting your customer’s feedback to be hassle free. That’s why iSurvey360 allows for multiple options for collecting data. If you’d like, you can call your customers, send them an email, or invite them to call you and leave their feedback. More options for customers to leave feedback will improve the response rate for your CSat survey.

Because iSurvery360 can be programmed to send out immediate alerts if a negative response is given, you’ll be able to make positive changes within days. Our custom reporting tools also allow you to receive the data in real time. We also offer Transcription Services. Our transcribers convert your data into an electronic format. We’ll pass this information back to you in record time with guaranteed accuracy.

By listening to your customers, you’ll be able to enhance the quality of service you provide. IVR Tech allows your customers to provide their feedback, be it though an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) survey or web survey. In turn, we know how to deliver that information back to you so that you can assess it and improve your business.