Toll-Free Vanity Numbers

Differentiate your business from your competitors with a memorable phone number.

IVR Technology Group has access to millions of toll-free numbers including premium vanity numbers that match with your business name, product, brand or marketing promotions.

Vanity Numbers for a Variety of Industries

Automotive Brands

Real Estate



Special Discounts

Purchase your vanity number from us and get special discounts for any additional services you activate.

Low usage rates are available for a single termination number, where your toll-free number points to one other phone number. This a fast and convenient way for your customers to reach you with one great number; this can be your mobile phone, office phone or home phone and can easily be changed online through a login utility. This product is often referred to as “Find-Me Follow-Me”, a great way for small business owners to offer undivided customer service at low cost.

RespOrg Services

As a RespOrg, IVR Technology Group has access to millions of toll-free numbers, including premium vanity numbers [800, 888, 877, 866, 855 & 844]. We can find what best matches your business name, product, branding, marketing idea or product promotion.

IVR Tech Group is a licensed and registered independent RESP ORG who can handle your toll free number administration, independent of any carriers. We provide you the ability to create cost saving strategies, disaster recovery plan, protect your number and brand names, as well as search and acquire any new numbers to match your business and brand name growth. Our pricing is very moderate compared to other industry provider, and yet provide you with the ultimate control and projection of your business assets.

What is a RespOrg & how does it work?

A RespOrg is a responsible organization which maintains the registration for individual toll-free telephone numbers in the distributed Service Management System/800 database.

This central database in the United States (called SMS) controls every toll free number within. IVR provides our RespOrg service to interface between our customers (the owners of the toll free numbers) and this database. We administer and manage your numbers for you. Whether our customers utilize a few dozen toll free numbers, or thousands, we maintain it all.

IVR provides multi-carrier routing arrangements that provide our customers superior advantages over a single-carrier solution’s offerings.

IVR’s RespOrg services maximize the way toll free numbers work for our customers

Least Cost Routing

Even if our customers have an existing contract with a carrier, we can show them how to remain in compliance with that contract and still benefit from least cost routing. IVR seamlessly routes our customers’ numbers using complex algorithms and mappings to take advantage of the best rates available.

Disaster Recovery

IVR is monitoring the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) for government mandates that will inevitably affect the telecom industry. We will help ensure our clients are in compliance with any relevant mandates. If a disaster should occur, and our customers’ primary carrier goes down, IVR Communications will reroute traffic to a secondary carrier within minutes of being notified, day or night.

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