Whether you’re getting ready to have a cup of cheer, or are having a blue Christmas, why not reach out and call Dial-A-Carol?

The program is in its 55th year and is made possible due students from the University of Illinois brave enough to volunteer their singing voices.  They used to sing to a few people and play vinyl records to fulfill the majority of requests.  Over the years, students thought it was more fun to sing all the requests.

This 24/7 service helps to spread holiday cheer around the world. Phone lines opened at midnight on December 10th, and within the first 14 hours, they had already hit 1,000 calls and all 50 states. They also received calls from Australia, Canada, China, South Korea, Sweden and Taiwan.

“Most students of the building participate, regardless of musical ability, religion, or the fact that it’s finals week,” said Kirsten Ruby, associate director of housing for communications.

Student Dan Quock volunteered to relieve stress. “I just got done with a final,” Quock said, “I’m just going to hang out here and sing some carols and get my mind off of it.”

The program runs until 11:59 p.m., Dec. 16.  I’ve personally called about five times. Unfortunately, due to high call volume, I haven’t been able to get through. While I’m still hoping to be able to hear a rendition of Run DMC’s “Christmastime in Hollis”, I would recommend you have the song you want to hear ready and to make it a good one.

Perhaps you could even return some holiday cheer by sending the students of Snyder Hall, at the University of Illinois, some delivery. To try your luck, and hear your favorite carol, call them at (217) 332-1882. If you do get through, please leave the song you requested in the comments.