A Customer Survey is more than just a series of questions.

One of the foundations that allow your business to grow is making the consistent delivery of quality customer service a top priority. When customers continuously have a positive experience with a company they will be more likely to be loyal to them. A company can find out how to improve this trait by providing customers with customer satisfaction surveys. The customer survey itself would consist of a series of questions based on various aspects of quality customer service. Examples of these issues could include how soon they were helped or the cleanliness of the store. When enough customer surveys are completed, perhaps you will discover patterns within the answers. This information would show business leaders where they have opportunities for improvement.

1. Discover Which Channels Customers Prefer

Unfortunately for a lot of companies, customer survey response rates are low. Most companies average response rates of 5-10% using traditional delivery methods. To increase these odds, you need to cater to your customers. Before you start sending out your customer surveys, you need to choose a delivery method that your customers prefer. Of course, a system that will work for one customer may not necessarily work for others. Therefore, having multiple options is important. Offer customer survey options that allow people to come to your website, call a hotline, get an email, or even take a survey by texting.

2. Keep Your Customer Surveys Simple and Clear

Make sure your customer computer surveys are clear, concise, and to the point. To guarantee a good response, from your customers, you need to verify that the survey is easy to understand and applicable to the experience your customer just had. For example, Youtube has a system that lets their viewers easily evaluate videos. Either the viewer clicks a thumbs up for approval or thumbs down for disapproval. So the easier your customer survey is to complete, the more likely customers will complete it. Granted, your survey doesn’t need to be easy to fill out as YouTube’s a simple 1-5 system will do. Also, there’s no reason to get detailed with questions. Should a customer need to be able to expound upon an issue, they will most likely do that on their own.

3. Take Advantage of Negative Responses

Just because a customer gave a negative response, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. If a customer leaves negative feedback, that means your company has an opportunity to improve.  Pay attention to what issues come up, see if you can find trends, and listen.

4. Tell Them You’ll Listen

Your customers are taking the time to fill out a survey, let them know you’re listening to them. Even if they have negative things to say about your customer service agents, most likely they just want things to be better. That can start with a simple message. Thank the customer for taking the time to provide their input. Let them know you want to improve their experience. This will not only help to increase your response rate but let the customer know you are listening.

Customers don’t want to waste their time filling out a survey. They want to know they’re making an impact.

5. Respond Right Away

Your customers will know that they make an impact if you respond right away. Ask how you can get a hold of them, and follow through. IVR Technology Group offers a product called iSurvey360. When a customer gives a negative response to a customer survey question, you can find out immediately. That way you’ll be able to make adjustments as soon as possible. With iSurvey360, your customers to have their voice heard via phone, email, text, or whatever works for them. This assures that you can listen to the voice of their customer and improve your business.