A complete definition of entities and business associates, required to follow the rules and regulations of HIPAA, are provided on the U.S. Government Publishing Office website.

HIPAA protects individuals from any health information that can be used to identify them. Such information pertains to any health information created or received by:

  • Healthcare providers (Chiropractors, Clinics,  Dentists, Doctors,  Nursing homes, Pharmacies; and Psychologists.)
  • Individual or group plans that provide or pays the cost of health care.
  • Public health authorities
  • Healthcare clearinghouses

Entities identified as “business associates.” may also need to have access to health information when providing services.
Examples of business associates include:

  • Billing companies and companies that process your health care claims
  • Companies that help administer health plans
  • People like outside lawyers, accountants, and IT specialists
  • Companies that store or destroy medical records