Let Your Self Storage Business Soar!

Save Money, Improve Efficiency, And Accelerate Your Marketing With Our Product Bundle For Self Storage!

Save Money

Eliminate all those disparate telephone bills and hassles with local phone companies by moving all your locations to our Prestophone VoIP phone system.

Learn more about Prestophone

Improve Efficiency

Integrate our Compass Payments Suite into your business process to alert your tenants that payments are due, and accept payment by phone, text, web and more.

Learn more about Compass Pay

Accelerate Marketing

Use our advanced Call Tracking solution to get real-time data on the lead generation effectiveness of your local, regional, and national advertising.

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Download Product Information and Our White Paper

Prestophone Sheet

The first loaded VoIP Platform in the cloud, Prestophone!
Click the image above to download the Prestophone product one-pager for even more information about our enterprise class cloud PBX.

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Payments Sheet

View our all-in-one swiss army knife solution for payments!
Click above to download the information sheet for the Compass Payments Suite for more detail on the product and IVR Tech Group.

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Call Tracking Sheet

Meet your new marketing optimization tool, Call Tracking!
Click the image above to download the information sheet for the Call Tracking product for more detail on accelerating your marketing.

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White Paper

Call Tracking Essentials White Paper
Click above to download our “Call Tracking Essentials” white paper to get detailed information about how to accelerate your marketing.

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Free Setup, For A Limited Time

Prestophone Setup

  • We set up your Prestophone cloud PBX across all your locations
  • We port your phone lines
  • We integrate new lines
  • We integrate your CRM
  • We set up your call flows
  • We train your people

Payments Setup

  • We set up your pay by phone
  • We set up your pay by text & chat
  • We integrate with your gateway
  • We integrate your CRM
  • We set up your call flows
  • We train your people

Call Tracking Setup

  • We set up your numbers with your ads
  • We integrate with your facilities management software (SiteLink, Yardi, etc.)
  • We set up your routing & call flows
  • We train your people
Some restrictions apply. Free setup offer is valid for companies with a minimum of 10 physical locations and a one-year commitment on a Prestophone contract. Offer does not include the cost of acquiring physical goods such as VoIP phones, Internet routers, etc. Also does not include the cost of acquiring phone lines and phone numbers. Check with your sales professional for more details.

So You’re Not a Self Storage Company?

That’s fine, in many cases you may still qualify for free set up. This unique product bundle of a hosted enterprise phone system, call tracking & routing, and a multi-channel payment suite is also ideal for many kinds of companies.

Automotive Service

This of the advantages of knowing how all your local ad campaigns are performing, unifying your communications systems, and accelerating service by letting customers pay in advance of pick-up.

Healthcare & Patient Services

Dentists, chiropractors, physical therapy, family practices and others can also benefit from optimizing regional advertising, unifying communications and simplifying payments.

Real Estate Companies

Residential Real Estate companies can experience amazing benefits by tracking the performance of ads and A/B testing of different ad formats in different circulars.

Let’s get ready to soar!

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