In the 1977 Science fiction epic, Star Wars, audiences got to see fantastic worlds and technologies that existed long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. The movie itself featured a protocol droid that spoke over 6 million languages, light sabers, and a battle station capable of blowing up a planet. Yet let’s explore the story of independent businessman Han Solo.

Han wasn’t the most tech savvy person in the franchise, but he had the skills to get the job done, most of the time. He owes a lot of money to Jabba the Hutt and makes an agreement with Obi-Wan, who is acting in service of the rebellion. He agrees to take Obi-Wan and Luke passage on his ship to Alderaan for 17,000 credits, with a 2,000 advance.

Since Alderaan was destroyed, he goes the extra mile by helping to save the princess and takes the Death Star plans directly to the Rebel Base. He gets paid in full given that Luke says, “So, you got your reward and you’re just leaving then.” Yet he doesn’t leave. He helps distract the Imperial fighters long enough for Luke to make a shot on the exhaust port of the Death Star. That kind of customer service deserves a reward.

The next time we see Han Solo is The Empire Strikes Back, set three years later, and for some reason Han still hasn’t paid off Jabba. Three years is a long time to not pay a debt, and one could end up with a death sentence or made into a carbonite trophy if such a debt wasn’t paid off.

Granted it could be argued that a lot of the reason the debt wasn’t paid is because Han Solo was on the run from The Empire and Jabba’s line of work is likely of a questionable nature. Yet if your business it’s as dubious as a Hutt’s shouldn’t you have a way for people to be able to pay off the debts they owe, no matter where they are in the galaxy?

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