Ninety percent of Americans own a cell phone & nearly two-thirds of those devices are smartphones. These phones are always at the ready, in a purse or a pocket and serve as a connection to the online world. This provides an opportunity to connect to your customer base and improve their payment methods.

Many companies take advantage of this by marketing to them via text message:

  • Radio stations run contests in which you can win money
  • Retail outlets will have exclusive VIP offers for those that subscribe
  • Restaurant chains will text special deals to loyal customers

Provided the customer is interested, they will likely opt in by texting a keyword to a 5 or 6 digit number that is easy to remember.

Marketing via text message allows gives you a dedicated customer base and is cost effective. It has a high ROI. Yet, for those that are willing to think outside the box, text messages can provide so many more opportunities.

A few restaurants in the Boston area have done just that. Some restaurants are allowing customers to text their server to get a round of drinks. When you think about it, this is much more polite than waving or whistling to flag them down. At the Fire + Ice Grill, they use a text message to let the customer know when a table is ready. Sounds like a basic concept, but many restaurants still rely on those blocky pagers even today. By making the switch, the restaurant will save money by not needing to replace broken or stolen pagers.

If your customers aren’t using pagers in their day to day lives, why are you?

Allow your company to communicate more effectively with your customers. Our service, nResponse, allows you to send a text message using the cloud. This is a great way to immediately handle your customer’s needs. There’s no need to buy customized, expensive equipment to get started. Best of all, you can have two-way interactions with your customers. nResponse allows you to send messages to a customer’s cell phone using your computer, mobile device or tablet. They can respond as they would to any text message.

nResponse can also be combined with our pay by phone payment solution, Compass Pay. For example, a customer sends a text to check their account balance. Your company can not only reply with the balance information but allow the customer to make a payment as well. Payments are secure and, with Compass Pay our pay by phone solution, and can be verified within minutes.

The combination of nResponse and Compass Pay allows for many possibilities.

  • Taxi companies can take appointments and payments via text
  • Venues could have a quick way to get and pay for event tickets
  • Hotel chains could take last minute bookings.

According to the Pew Research Center, 81% of cell phone owners use their phone to send and receive text messages. Communicating with your customer base, the way they prefer to communicate is a great way to relate to their needs and benefit your business. With no additional equipment to buy, TextEnable yields a high ROI. It can also provide an opportunity for those willing to use this innovation to better relate to their customers.