Inbound IVR

Create custom messaging that allows you to  resonate with your customers.

Inbound IVR systems are used to automated the call answering process. The most common uses include call routing, click to call and pay by phone.

Comprehensive Reporting

Call Tracking Metrics for every aspect of your incoming calls to identify trends, problem areas or peak call times.

Simple Interface

Quickly design menus, manage call flows and change prompts with our intuitive system. If you ever need help, we have experts available to assist you 24/7.

Integration Options

We’ll sync with your CRM system to make your interactions personalized and meaningful.

Click to Call

Sometimes issues can’t be handled by an automated system. Your customers will be able to press one button to be connected to a live agent.

Discover The Possibilities

Register Products


Check Order Status

Get Account Balance

Find Store Locations

Check Weather Forecast

Check Travel Updates

Confirm Appointments

Inbound IVR in Every Day Life

Are you familiar with the concept of American Idol? Contestants perform and after the show, viewers call into an automated system to cast their vote for their favorite performance.

Those incoming calls are handled by an inbound IVR system.

Callers use their touch-tone phones to interact with an automated system that tallies and tracks all the data before passing it back to Ryan Seacrest‘s people before the next live show.

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