The Omni-Channel Platform You’ve Been Waiting For!

Unified communications in a cloud-based call center solution.
Seriously, you’re not dreaming.

IVR Technology Group is a Value Added Reseller and Integrator for xCally Omnichannel Contact Center

XCALLY + Our Experience = Your Success

We love success. Your success. We’ve been turning our customers into heroes for over twenty years. And now, as authorized value-added resellers of the XCALLY Omnichannel Contact Center, we have an amazing new tool for making, even more, heroes!

We Eat, Live, and Breath Cloud Telephony

We’ve migrated over a thousand companies to cloud-based telephony technologies and have spent years reviewing more than a hundred call center platforms. And after all that, we’re confident that XCALLY is the forward-thinking platform to propel your success.

Have Less Than 25 Agents? Xteams is For You.

No matter the size of your contact center, today you’re competing in the experience marketplace. Rise to exceptional customer experiences with a dedicated hosted omnichannel contact center priced for smaller teams. With prices as low as $30 per-agent per-month, and guaranteed call quality, you can finally afford to elevate your contact center.

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Xteams Dedicated Hosted Omnichannel Contact Center

XCALLY Core Features

Built with Asterisk


True Omnichannel

XCALLY is a true omnichannel solution, built from the ground up with unified communications in mind.



Manage all of your Customers’ information and keep track of interactions across multiple channels.


Open API

Develop your favorite custom channels (social networks, video, mobile) in just a few simple steps.


Agent Softphone

Easily manage multiple communications channels for the ultimate unified communications experience.


Realtime Monitoring

Use XCALLY’s real-time panels to monitor the performance of any agent while engaging a customer.



Analyze data and performances through XCALLY’s library of default reports or build your own.



Every contact or call center is unique! Build your own custom dashboards specific to your needs.



Specify any number of automatic actions and event triggers based on previously defined timing.



Maximizing your agents’ talk time and efficiency using preview, progressive, or predictive dialing.


Legendary IVR

Easily create complex custom IVR flows with a rapid-deployment drag and drop user interface.


Add Applications

Add payments by phone or text, surveys, speech analytics, call tracking, geographic routing and more.


Platinum Cloud

We host XCALLY on our secure Platinum Cloud with rapid elasticity to handle insane call volumes.

XCALLY Reviews

Definitely the best and most powerful solution for the modern contact center

Asterisk based (more than one million installations worldwide). Open-channel for modern contact centers connects with the most used social networks and chat services (Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WeChat). Integrate a powerful predictive/progressive/preview dialer (Tiger Dial – sell more and better).

Simply the best call center software available today

I’ve been in the industry of call centers for over 20 years… So when it comes to a very mature and honest call center software I always recommend my customers xCALLY. Their latest version, Motion, is all what IT, Managers, Supervisors, and Agents would expect from a professional call center solution.

xCALLY a Must Have for any Call Center

In Summary, If you are looking for a Call Management Solution that would best meet your business need? Then try xCALLY. We have been privileged to have used the solution for over two years now and all I can is xCALLY is a must have for any customer service department.

Definitely what you aspire to run your call-center!

We have been using Xcally for the past 5 years across 8 different geographies. Integrated into a cloud base ticketing system and enjoyed it’s great scalability, inter-operability across system and all this at a very competitive pricing. No downtimes, limited upgrades, bug-less.

2017 Gartner Front Runner

Gartner named XCALLY as a “Call Center Front Runner” in 2017, making a very-short list after their analysis of 107 call center software platforms.

With IVR Tech Group

Along with our industry-leading voice applications and platinum cloud, these added nuggets of goodness are only available with IVR Technology Group as your solution architect and integration partner.


Pay As You Go

No servers, no investment, no hassle. With our cloud deployment of XCALLY, you pay based on the number of concurrent agents.


Certified Security

We’re security fanatics. You have the peace of mind knowing that your provider is PCI Level 1 certified.



Even if you’re not involved with medical records, know that we’re also certified compliant with HIPAA regulations.


You Get Us!

This is the best part, the IVR Tech Group team! We’re obsessed with your success and turning you into a hero.

Why We Selected XCALLY

There’s a lot we like about XCALLY. Much of it involves discussion of acronyms like ITIL and the Asterisk communications framework and our review of thick PDF’s of technical specifications, diagrams and even more acronyms and terminology that inspires CIO’s and engineers to have animation discussions for hours. But what really got our attention is that XCALLY is built from the ground-up to support unlimited channels per customer.

That’s why we’re excited to be North American value-added resellers and integrators for XCALLY. We care about making our customers heroes within their organizations, and we know XCALLY can help make that happen. Especially with a custom integration that includes a mix of our other legendary products.

It’s Time to Go Omnichannel in The Cloud!

Just like XCALLY was born omnichannel, we were born in the cloud. We’d love to have a chat about how we can increase efficiency while lowering costs, and make you a hero.

So fill out the form below to get in touch with our friendly team, and start thinking about what color cape you want.

IVR Tech Group Hero Stories


“Many businesses have multiple locations spread across the US and most, if not all, have a website with a location finder to help consumers find their establishments. The issue is, not everyone has access to a computer with an Internet connection, but, everyone certainly has access to a telephone. So, decided to work with IVR to provide our consumers a 100% outsourced solution for an IVR Dealer Locator. Consumers can simply dial a toll-free number, enter their zip code and immediately become aware of locations near them. IVR did a tremendous job! This was one of the most painless implementations in my long career in telecom.”

United States Postal Service

“When the Scottsdale, Arizona branch of the USPS needed to accept thousands of inbound telephone calls to allow people to register for an event and realized their call center was way too small to handle this traffic, they turned to IVR to get the job done. They knew this event was coming, but underestimated the call volume and call in periods. IVR quickly reviewed their call flow and, within days, created a turn-key application, to collect names and registration times, all just in time! They even took advantage of our in-house transcription service so they received the caller's name immediately, along with their scheduled session time. I’m extremely pleased with the service your company provided; in particular, the outstanding service provided by your staff.”