Do you regularly make sure that your access is secure? Do you need a reminder to update your password? Rejoice! May 5th is World Password Day! This means not only is it a great day, with an easy way to remember to remember to change your passwords, but learn more about how to make your information more secure.

Passwords protect more than just a person’s Netflix or Amazon Prime information. They protect out personal online information, such as banking info or social security numbers, from cybercriminals. Cybercriminals have many methods when it comes to accessing your personal info.

Short and simple passwords are relatively easy for attackers to determine. Some common methods that attackers use for discovering a victim’s password include:

  • Guessing—The attacker attempts to access info based on the names of the victim’s favorite football teams, hometown, children’s names, or the word password.
  • Dictionary Attack—The attacker uses an automated program to determine passwords from a list of real words.
  • Brute Force Attack— The attacker uses a program that calculates every possible combination that could make up a password. Substitute a zero for the letter o? It’s on to you. Short passwords can usually be discovered quickly, but longer passwords would take decades to crack.

So make it long, make it strong, use numbers and special characters.

Sure, that last part doesn’t rhyme, that’s not the point. The point is your personal info, and the info of your clients is only as strong as the passwords used to protect them. So is there a more secure method to protect such valuable information? You bet, and it’s literally at your fingertips.

A biometric authentication system provides facilities with security, speed, and comfort. It removes margin of error when identifying you or your clients. That’s why IVR Technology Group teamed up with CommuniGate Systems to make ActiveAuth, an in-call biometric authentication technology.

Stolen health care records are on the rise and are more valuable to cybercriminals than credit cards or SSNs. That’s because with stolen health care records these criminals can order prescriptions, file false tax information, and have access to private health information. Made with the healthcare industry in mind, ActiveAuth allows a patient to authenticate their identity using their smartphone while on a call with a live agent.

The developing platform will utilize in-house developers that can connect within a wide range of industries. More information about ActiveAuth can be found on our website, and even downloaded on the App Store and Google Play.

So remember to protect your information, make sure to get your IT Team a few beers for all the hard work they do, and look into new ways to protect your information as well as your client’s info.