Download the infographic: “10 Reasons That Will Make You Want Visual IVR”

Most customers want to be able to find their own solutions. When it comes to self-service, an IVR can help. Yet, some IVRs have too many options or put people on hold for more than they would like. The way to boost customers satisfaction is to take self-service to the next level with VIVR.

1. Easier to navigate.

According to a study by Amdocs, 75% of customers want to use a self-service, automated menu, to handle a simple transaction. However, recent surveys show 83% of consumers feel IVR systems provide little to no value.

VIVR eliminates the reason why customers hate an IVR. There is no need to for customers to listen to a list of menu options. Customers don’t need to navigate a labyrinth of menus and can choose exactly where they would like to go.

2. Most of your customers use smartphones

As of 2017, 95% of Americans own a smartphone. Smartphones are the perfect tool for customers to navigate a VIVR. Visual IVR allows callers to navigate your menus like they would a website. 

3. Dynamic routing

No longer will customers mash the “0” key! Visual can route a customer’s call to the department they need right away. It allows customers to get information quickly, and get routed quickly.

Purdue University study discovered that 63% of consumers say that a bad experience with an IVR system will make them stop using their service.

4. Cost efficiency  

Even though VIVRs are a lot more dynamic than traditional IVRs, the cost is quite comparable. If you currently use an IVR, there is no need to retrain your agents. A visual IVR can be brought in seamlessly. By utilizing VIVR, agents are able to help customers in a reduced amount of time.

5. Improve Your Company’s Image

Startups and smaller companies can use Visual IVRs to improve the image of their company. This will make a startup look much larger than they truly are. A visual IVR can help your business stand out from the rest.

6. Master your call volume

Visual IVR allows your company to monitor how customers are using your system in real-time. This allows your business to deploy more agents where they are needed. VIVR also allows your business to figure out how to anticipate call spikes.

7. Eliminate On-Hold Music

Customers don’t like to wait on hold.

  • 60% of customers feel that waiting on hold for just one minute is too long.
  • 32% of customers put on hold hang up immediately

Waiting is a part of life. Yet, Visual IVR provides opportunities for your customer to get information.  While a customer is in a queue, it can allow customers to look at relevant videos or conduct a search.

8. Increase Agent Efficiency

Visual IVR empowers your agents and keeps your customers satisfied.  This is because calls can be properly routed to agents best suited to handle a customer’s needs. Customers can also have the opportunity to switch to a live chat session. This allows agents to handle more customers at the same time. 

According to an ATG Global Consumer Trend study, 90% of customers consider live chat to be helpful.

9. Omni-Channel Experience

Visual IVR allows customers to chose their own experience. Customers don’t have to be restricted to just a phone call. Now, customers have the option to get contacted via text, email, or chat. Customers can even request a callback at a more convenient time.

10. Customer Convenience

One of the problems with calling customer service is communication issues. If an agent and caller aren’t on the same page, a communication breakdown is likely. VIVRs can help provide a better focus. Now both the agent and customer can look at the same information.

Download the infographic: “10 Reasons That Will Make You Want Visual IVR”