Call Routing

How do you put customers who call you in touch with the right person as quickly as possible? How you prevent them from complaining about waiting on‐hold, calling a competitor, or talking with the wrong department? Call Routing is an effective way to improve your customer interactions while more efficiently handling incoming calls, cutting the high costs associated with a call center and ensuring that your customer’s calls are being handled by the right person in the shortest amount of time. But it’s important to realize that not all calls are Routed in the same way. Here are our recommendations for the top  Call Routing strategies:

 Direct Routing: This is the simplest routing option out there. Each department in your companyhas a different number and it is up to the customer to dial the number assigned to, for example,sales. While easily implemented, this strategy asks a lot of customers and can mean long waittimes if the department is handling other calls.

 Routing by Schedule: Now we’re getting into more powerful approaches, all of which benefitfrom the fact that customers need to remember only a single phone number. You‐‐not thecustomers‐‐handle the routing. By routing calls based on schedule, you can ensure that calls willgo to agents who are on the job. If certain call agents only work two days a week, calls will onlybe sent to them on those days. You can easily create custom routing to take into account officehours, lunch, after hours, weekends, holidays and more.

 Routing by Geography: Routing calls by geography allows you to maintain one easilyremembered number even if you manage multiple store or franchise locations. Callers benefitsby using one national number and their calls are routed based on area or zip code and sent tothe nearest location.

 Routing by Percentage: If you use multiple call agents to receive customer calls, you’re going towant to fairly share the workload. Routing by percentage of calls sent to each call agent will helpyou do this. A dedicated manager’s dashboard will allow you to see how many calls each agenthas received and who is in line to take the next one. This minimizes the wait‐time for customers,as they’re sure to reach the next available agent.

 Routing by Caller ID: Not all customers are created equal. You can input the phone numbers ofcertain customers to route their calls to a specific destination. Let’s say the contract of a certaincustomer is expiring: the next time she rings, her call can be sent to an agent who specializes inretention of existing customers. The possibilities are endless when you’re dealing with individualized customer service.

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Mike Byrne

Mike Byrne

As IVR Technology Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Mike is intimately involved in the day-to-day operations and is focused on the company’s strategic vision, initiatives, and in leading the company’s product development and overall strategy.

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