There’s an old saying in business, “The customer is always right.” In order for a company to be successful, or stay successful the needs of the customer are crucial. While this philosophy is fine, in and of itself, how the customer’s voice gets heard is what’s important.

Customer feedback can provide valuable insight for a business. Listening to your customers can help to: improve the current way in which a product is delivered, improve the overall customer service experience, and even help learn what decisions a company should make. When a business follows through, and keeps customers happy, this can help to keep them loyal to their brand.

They are many methods in which a business can receive customer feedback, which we will explore:

  • Via a website dedicated to customer reviews, such as Yelp
  • Mailing a survey to a customer
  • Using a dedicated IVR Survey to get reviews.
Websites, such as Yelp, allow customers to provide feedback for a business and review their personal experience using a rating between one and five stars. While the theory is sound, the practice as its problems. Since reviews are anonymous, negative reviews can exaggerate the truth and not provide true feedback. This is also the case when some reviewers focus on writing for the sake of entertaining a fan base.

Tried a true methods, of getting feedback, can include mailing a survey to a customer base. While sending mail has less chance of technical hiccups, this can be a time-consuming method to get feedback. Not to mention, it relies too much on the customer’s memory. Companies that rely solely on this method will need to wait for a while before they can learn of their customers’ responses, much less implement their suggestions.iSurvery360 provides customers with multiple options to provide feedback.

An IVR survey can help provide a quick, and easy, solution to get the feedback a company needs. Customers can be transferred to a survey seconds after the phone call takes place. This allows the customer to provide feedback while the memory of their experience is fresh in their mind. Yet, some customers will prefer email while others prefer text messages. Which one should a business choose? IVR Technology Group believes that the customer should decide.

Our IVR Survey, called iSurvey360, allows customers to chose how they provide feedback. With our solution a customer can:

  • Have the call transferred to a voice survey as soon as the call is completed
  • Receive a survey that can be completed via text message
  • Fill out a survey sent by email
Best of all, solutions can be implemented right away. Our iSurvey360 solution is programmed to send out immediate alerts when an unfavorable response is registered. These alerts allow a company to identity a problem immediately, and make changes as soon as possible.