Is your company looking to do some spring cleaning and looking to make some fresh changes? From time to time, it’s good to get a fresh outlook or perspective. An IVR Survey is one of the best ways to get your customer’s feedback. However, part of the risk of trying a new endeavor is how your customers will react to it as people will generally resist change. While it’s a good idea to get your customer’s opinion and determine their wants and needs, will you truly be getting the answers you’re looking for?

When it comes to an IVR survey, anonymous or not, people may have a tendency to avoid telling the truth. Part of the reason for this is people generally would are more likely to answer with how they want to be perceived rather than how they actually are. Therefore, people will provide more socially acceptable answers.

Customers may also avoid telling the truth. For example, if an IVR survey asks how important a factor the price of items are is customers will be more likely to say it’s very it’s very important to avoid the price of items getting raised. In other cases, customers may not have all the answers you’re looking for. If a survey asks about the cleanliness of a store, the customer may not have noticed how clean it was. The inverse is not true if a store is filthy customers will notice that right away.

Other problems can arise when customers are asked leading questions.
• “How good was the quality of our customer service?”
• “How bad was the quality of our customer service?”
This can lead to results that vastly skew the customer experience. Questions should instead be neutral in order to guide a customer to come up with their own result.

A smart IVR survey will repeat the same questions over and over in different wording. Granted, there is still the challenge of keeping the IVR survey brief if you don’t want the customer to give up from boredom. In order to get more honest answers from your customers, neutral questions are good but the justification for those answers are better. One tactic is to ask how certain a respondent is about their answer. This will likely work for yes or no answers, but can help to reduce the amount of uncertainty.

IVR Technology Group can allow customers to justify survey answers via the methods they are delivered. With iSurvey360, surveys can be delivered with a phone call. With an IVR survey, a customer’s answer can be recorded. This will allow a company to literally listen to the voice of their customer. Another method of delivery with iSurvey360 can utilize is via text message. With this method, a customer can provide justification of their answers in 140 characters of less.