Last week, people along the East Coast were keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Erika. Floridians were especially watchful. On Friday, August 28, Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency. This was because the path of the storm was predicted to go straight up the middle of the state.

Despite the dissipation of the storm Saturday morning, the hazard remains. Remnant moisture is predicted to bring heavy rain to the Southeastern United States. In some sections, clusters of heavy rain would quickly trigger flash flooding and worsen existing river flooding.

In order to properly prepare for a disaster, it’s important to have a system in place to know how to respond ahead of time. This is why it’s important for cities, schools, and local municipalities to set up an emergency notification system. It can help citizens be prepared for storms or other disasters.

With that said, some people are going to have a different preferred method of communication than others. So should you only send out text alerts or emails? Fortunately, IVR Technology Group can work with you to set up an emergency notification system that allows for multiple broadcast options such as text blasts, email messages, and voice broadcast options. This means that your message is more likely to be received.

Our system allows for:
• Multiple notifications to be sent simultaneously using our call blast solution
• Continued attempts if a busy signal is received or the call is not picked up
• A message to be created using text-to-speech or an audio file

Dealing with a disaster can be difficult, preparing for them shouldn’t be. Volunteer groups, churches, schools, cities, and even large scale employers can use nResponse to send out a mass message quickly and easily. A quick message can not only help get attention, but help prevent disasters from getting out of control.

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