Ninety-one percent of Americans own a cell phone & 72 percent of those devices are smartphones. More people use their phones to send or receive text messages than any other function. Texting is so prevalent that they have an Open Rate of 98%, and are normally read within 5 seconds of receipt. This is why commercial texting has a high ROI. It’s a cost-effective way to get a message out to a dedicated customer base, and a great way to expand that audience. However, text messages can provide so much more.

  1. Offers

A recent survey found that 96% of customers reported that they would look for mobile coupons to get the best deal possible. Why not give them what they want? Not only are coupons sent via text cheaper to produce, but the redemption rate is 10 times greater than for coupons printed in newspapers and magazines.

  1. Reservations

It’s a good idea to send text messages to your customers, but a better one to allow them to message you. Let your customers send a quick text to make a reservation. Provided your restaurant has a seat available, a confirmation text can be sent back quickly. If not, text back with options that will let them enjoy your restaurant on their night out.

  1. Your Table is Ready

One problem with dining out is waiting for a table. Customers have to use a big, bulky pager and stay in the area. This can turn a fun night out into a hassle. Not to mention that if a customer accidently breaks one of those pagers, it’s quite costly.

If your customers aren’t using pagers in their day to day lives, why is your restaurant? A text message can let your customer know when a table is ready, and allow them to check out some nearby shops if there is a long wait.

  1. Paying

Customers don’t want to wait around too long for a check, and on a busy night, this can be a hassle. Letting customers pay their bill by text message can help to speed things up. The customer can send a text to a dedicated phone number and be able to pay and tip quickly, or even buy a round of drinks or dessert without the need to flag down a waiter. The information stored in the system is secure and encrypted so that the customer doesn’t text anyone sensitive information.

  1. Feedback

Did the customer enjoy their meal, was service the best it could be? Thank the customer for choosing your establishment and offer them a text message survey. Our text surveys can even send out alerts when an unfavorable response it registered. This immediate feedback allows you to quickly identify problem areas and make positive and that impact your business. In exchange for completing a survey, why not provide your customer with an exclusive offer.

When a cycle like this is completed this yields increased customer loyalty, this is a valuable commodity for any business. By using nResponse, your company will develop loyal customers and an increased base. With nResponse, your business can meet the needs of your customers every step of the way.