I got a call from my best friend asking if I wanted to take an interview with IVR Technology Group. I was thrilled but wasn’t sure what I would be getting into considering my expertise was in cloud solutions, not IVR. Fast forward a few weeks and I was on my way to being the newest addition to IVR Technology Group’s business development team.

Let’s start with the basics – IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and in a nutshell, these systems can range from custom call flow trees you dial into, all the way to the sports updates that are sent right to your phone. My first thought, “I’m now selling the very thing I hate calling into”.

We’ve all been there asking (probably demanding) to speak with a “rep-re-sen-ta-tive” and end up in accounting. Or, being continuously filtered through the same queues and getting nowhere. But, to my surprise, a company can actually make that experience feel seamless. Had I not taken the job at IVR Tech Group, I wouldn’t have known that. So here’s a tip, if you’re reading this and you know that people continuously complain about your IVR, try us out, for us, customer experience is everything and in this day and age, everything is customer experience.

Keeping it simple – IVR systems help address many customer pain points whether it’s general service questions, paying a bill, disputing a charge etc. Every single business has them and sometimes these pain points can get overlooked in the daily grind. When done correctly, an IVR can connect a customer to the right person or department in a matter of a few clicks, it’s that simple.

At IVR Tech Group, we like to learn about clients and their businesses, from there we take our systems and give them an IVR that’s a custom tailor fit that not only represents their brand, but creates a memorable customer experience. No project is the same here and we love it.

We have clients across multiple industries ranging from utility to medical all the way to education. One of the most common pain points we hear on a daily basis is, “How do I free up my live agent’s time but maintain and even increase the customer experience?” The answer is IVR, but not just any IVR, one that’s well-constructed, can work independently and answer basic customer questions so that those customers don’t feel the need to ask for a “rep-re-sen-ta-tive.”

We may not be the biggest company on the block, but man do we pride ourselves on our core values by treating others well, delivering that “wow” service, pursuing personal, professional and company growth while insisting on the highest of standards. We are continuously improving through communication and collaboration and with that, building long-lasting customer relationships. We also enjoy a good challenge – so bring us your worst and let’s see how we can create a memorable customer experience that you’re proud to show off.