When and how will artificial intelligence take over the customer experience?

The AI movement has started to take off and we are all learning how, where and when to use it. I don’t believe it will ever take over the entire customer experience, it does have its limitations just like humans. The advantage of AI in CX is that it’s starting with an incredible amount of data. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, that data is growing at a record rate, much too fast for a human to keep up. I believe the adoption rate will likely be higher given the growth of automation in general, it will only add to the success in regards to customer engagement.

Artificial Intelligence In The Contact Center

There are many ways that AI can help your contact center. One way is with an AI-powered bot that sits on the front end. This AI-powered bot is conversational and can interact directly with a customer without the need of a human. The second way is through the use of an AI-assisted human agent. In this scenario, the customer has made the choice of a human agent but the AI is assisting the agent through the call until they get to the representative. The representative then has all of the information they need to determine the next course of action based on their judgment and experience.

The Goal of AI

With an AI engine in place, your contact center will have pre-emptive capabilities; AI has the ability to monitor an incredible amount of data and it can identify distress indicators and respond in real-time by offering support through FAQs or virtual agents across platforms and devices. The goal of AI is to take care of a customer’s issue before it escalates. Think about it, an AI engine is available 24/7 to take care of your customers. Who wants to put in a support call at 9 pm and wait until the next day for an answer, especially if it’s a critical issue?

AI In Customer Support

Have you ever been on a support call and you can feel the tension rise as you try to resolve the issue with the support representative? If your answer was yes, then you were likely talking to a live person and not an AI-powered bot or an assisted human agent. AI doesn’t have a bad day and they don’t get frustrated with your customers. Customers want quick answers to their problems and easy solutions and if new technology improves their overall experience, then they’re happy to adopt.

AI not only delivers a better experience for your customer but it helps to improve your bottom line by reducing call handling times, wait times etc. so everyone wins. Your agents spend less time on the phone and so do your customers.