Call analytics are a powerful tool that can help shape how your advertising revenue is spent and who it targets and improve your customer service. While analytics show trends, they are only part of the story. Analytics show how many people were curious about your product or promotion. If you allow them to the opportunity to offer feedback, it will show why you have their attention.

If your company is running a promotion, your customers will usually check it out by calling or going to your website. An analytics report will tell you where the customer was calling from and what time they called. This report can help restructure your advertising and marketing efforts by showing what brought the customer to you.

While this may give you a general idea why customers are calling, there could be a specific reason for that call that isn’t shown in analytics reporting.

Here are some other questions you may have about your company:
• How do your customers perceive your brand?
• What can be done to improve your marketing efforts?
• Are customers satisfied with the quality of your customer service?

The only way to truly know the impact of these efforts is to ask your customers.

Customer satisfaction surveys (or CSat Surveys) have several benefits. They allow your company to have a better understanding of your marketing efforts. They help your customers feel heard, which helps improve the overall quality of your customer service. They determine the customer’s reason for calling and whether or not their situation was resolved, which allows you to implement better solutions.

Bring your customer service experience full circle with iSurvey360, IVR Technology Group’s customers satisfaction survey tool. With iSurvery360, you can easily assess how satisfied your customers are with the quality of your products and customer service. The set up process is quick, which allows your customers to leave feedback as soon as possible. It also allows for multiple languages to accommodate all your customers.

We are sure you would like the experience of getting your customer’s feedback to be hassle free. That’s why iSurvey360 allows for multiple options for collecting data. If you’d like, you can call your customers, send them an email, or invite them to call you and leave their feedback. More options for customers to leave feedback will improve the response rate for your CSat survey.

Because iSurvery360 can be programmed to send out immediate alerts if a negative response is given, you’ll be able to make positive changes within days. Our custom reporting tools also allow you to receive the data in real time. We also offer Transcription Services. Our transcribers convert your data into an electronic format. We’ll pass this information back to you in record time with guaranteed accuracy.

By listening to your customers, you’ll be able to enhance the quality of service you provide. IVR Tech allows your customers to provide their feedback, be it though an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) survey or web survey. In turn, we know how to deliver that information back to you so that you can assess it and improve your business.