IVR Surveys are used for many reasons. For example, they can help a company measure the quality of an agent’s customer service or the quality of the their products. With this in mind, how you conduct your survey should also meet your customers needs. The opinions of your customers are a valuable resource, and you don’t want to frustrate them when they are providing feedback. Here are some mistakes to avoid, and how to amend them. 

Mistake #1 –  Wasting your customer’s time

Asking your customer to complete a survey before speaking with a live agent is a great way to get a response. The voice of your customer is important, but they will not be likely to respond if they don’t know what they are about to get into. If they agree to take a survey let them know how many questions it contains.

This is better than telling them the estimated time it should take to complete a survey, or worse promise that it will be “brief”. Some customers are not as quick with a keypad as others, and may get put off if they are on a survey for ten minutes when it was supposed to take only a few minutes of their time.

Mistake #2 –  Providing too many numbers

Asking your customers to respond on a scale of 1-10 can be confusing. As phone keypads only have the numbers 0-9 your customers will likely not know if the zero key represents the best possible or worst possible number. This will certainly throw off the quality of your answers. Have quality be measured on a 1-5 scale.

Better yet, have customers answer yes/no questions (e.g. press 1 for yes, or 2 for no), and allow them to elaborate. This will be a better away to help gauge your customer’s responses.

Mistake #3 – Only providing one method to get answers

Asking a customer to take a survey question immediately after a call can be a good idea. However, just like all your customers aren’t the same neither are their schedules. A customer may want to provide an option, but not have the time to take a survey there and then.

This mistake can be avoided by allowing other options. Maybe a customer would prefer to answering question via text, or email. With iSurvey360, you can provide options that are more in tune with the preferences of your customers.

Mistake #4 –  Relying on the same old questions

Mix it up a little. If your company is going to release a new product, or run a promotion, create a survey that will mention this. Once in the system, your company can find out how much your customers are looking forward to it.

Our iSurvey360 solution is programmed to send out an alert as soon as an unfavorable response is registered, so that your company can address problems quickly. If this problem used to be a trend, ask your customers if they are satisfied with the changes your company made to address this.

Mistake #5 – Not following up

If your customer took the time to tell you their needs weren’t met, why shouldn’t your company take the time to reassure them that the problem has been, or will be, addressed. Contact the customer and follow up. This will let them know how valuable they are. Furthermore, if your company is looking for a way to meet their needs, perhaps they can elaborate and provide a comparable solution.

Or maybe the customer provided an incorrect response by accident. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

At IVR Technology, building and distributing quality surveys is part of what we do. Our custom reporting tools allow your company integrate your survey seamlessly, and analyze your data in real time. Use our IVR surveys or our web surveys to help you with product development, improving customer relations, measuring internal satisfaction & more.