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20-April-2016 – Buffalo, NY – Radish Systems, an award-winning mobile/enterprise software company, and IVR Technology Group, a leading provider in interactive voice response solutions, are partnering to add visuals to phone calls in the healthcare remote patient engagement space. This partnership allows organizations using ChoiceView to protect and transmit multimodal “voice with visuals” information about complex and confidential health issues on an automated IVR call. In completing a health assessment survey, for example, a true ChoiceView Visual IVR easily allows callers to receive a form and submit alphanumeric, numeric, and multiple-choice inputs. Callers can also transfer to a website or to a live agent to continue visual collaboration. In addition to seeing the information, callers can save the visuals on their mobile devices or computers. Register now for complimentary webinar “Cut Healthcare Chaos and Costs with True Visual IVR,” on May 11th at 2:00 PM ET.

Visuals Add Value. It is said that “One picture is worth a thousand words,” especially with complicated information. People comprehend six times better when both seeing and hearing, as compared to just hearing. Visuals can help callers better understand, especially if they are stressed, can’t hear clearly, or are unable to understand the language well. As a result, healthcare organizations can gain Triple Aim benefits of reduced per-capita costs, improved patient health, and improved patient/clinician experiences.

ChoiceView Visual IVR is Unique. The ChoiceView architecture allows the IVR to control the voice/data call without requiring an auxiliary website. The voice-and-visual session can be started by an SMS text to a mobile phone, from a browser on any device, or from a mobile app. The caller can use ANY phone including a smartphone, standard mobile phone, landline, WebRTC, or VoIP and can see the visuals on ANY associated device, including a smartphone, PC, Mac, or tablet. A ChoiceView Visual IVR delivers rich visual content, interactive forms, and menus. It also provides a friendly user interface with buttons for controlling the session that are separate from the content delivered. Visual content can be native files such as Word or PDF documents, or, HTML pages, images or video clips; or dynamically created content; or screenshots, clipboard copies, or snips. If live assistance is needed, the call can be seamlessly transferred to a representative who can continue visual sharing.

“One of IVR Tech’s core values is to deliver WOW through service. Visual IVR takes self-service communication from every day to exceptional,” said Akash Desai, IVR Technology Group President. “Our partnership with Radish brings an overall better experience to automated healthcare communications geared around patient engagement.”

“Sharing visuals during phone calls is the new standard in business communications for all callers, including smart mobile device and browser users. Working with IVR Technology Group, the ChoiceView Visual IVR delivers improved customer experience, health, and patient care,” stated Theresa Szczurek, Radish Systems CEO.

With this partnership, healthcare providers such as “Ask a Nurse” help lines, for example, can instantly send callers health assessment surveys, other forms, X-rays, photos, graphics, videos, prescriptions, instructions, and documents such as test results while talking or texting with them over any phone and any network. Callers can also send content to healthcare providers, such as inputs on health forms. The users get a “Wow, now I see what you’re talking about!” experience.

ChoiceView ‘Voice with Visuals‘ improves communication between organizations and their callers using an IVR Tech application. Customer care is the killer app to improve customer service, sales, and support. ChoiceView is used for healthcare, mobile commerce, financial services, true Visual IVR systems (, technical support, and employee communications across all industries.

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