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“In a world that’s flatter, where competition is fierce, and differentiators are quickly lost, customer service is critical to building long-term relationships and a sustainable business. Customer service is the outcome of every interaction with someone and it’s what builds brands. Suck at your own risk,” says Akash Desai, President of IVR Technology Group. “We think a large part of why we were included in the Forrester report is because we adhere to these principles of enhancing interoperability, supporting mobility, and being security focused.”

Akash Desai

President, IVR Technology Group

IVR Technology Group was recently recognized in an independent research report regarding IVR solutions. Check out our official press release here.

With IVR solutions, keep this in mind:

● Interoperability: Thinking of an IVR solution as a way to cut costs misses the point. Spend extra effort and use deeper integrations with your information systems to make the automated interaction with your customer enjoyable and effective.

Mobility: Communicate how your customer wants to communicate. Couple IVR with mobile, social, and online channels so that conversations can move freely between them. For example, a caller may start by using an IVR to check their balance but move the credit card entry portion to a mobile responsive page that gets texted to the caller on their smart-phone because who wants to key in their company name on a phone keypad?

● Security: If you tell your customers they are the most important part of your business, spend the time to safeguard what’s important to them: their personal data. Good guidelines to follow when thinking about security and privacy are the NIST guidelines here.