I live in Buffalo, NY.

You’ve probably heard a newscast or two about our weather. What typically doesn’t make the national news, however, is how beautiful the spring and summers are.

This past week brought the first consistently nice, springy weather. Last Sunday it was 70 degrees and sunny. My wife, two young kids and I were anxious to get out of the house and breath our first breaths of warm fresh air in almost six months. Before we could get to the fun stuff, though, dad had some bills to pay.

One of my little guys during the nationally-covered November storm. This picture was taken the first time we could physically get out of our front in a week.

For some reason, the medical industry – one of the most cutting edge and technologically advanced industries in the world – seems to have fallen behind in the customer experience trend.

I had to write out checks, which meant finding my checkbook that hadn’t been used since we went to a wedding last year. (And, if we’re being honest here, I hate paying bills with checks because I want to collect my credit card points. It’s one of the few perks we billpayers have.)

Because of this, I spent way too much time last Sunday paying bills instead of throwing a ball to my son in the park and pushing my daughter on the swings.

Technically I could’ve waited until Monday & called their bill payment line to speak to a person, but I forget about these things once the work week gets going. Plus, when you call in, you have to hand your credit card number, expiration date and security code over to a random person you don’t know from a hole in the wall.

The bottom line is that there are major liability issues that go along with paying bills in any way that can’t guarantee that your information won’t be mishandled, misplaced or straight up stolen somewhere along the way.

Having felt the very personal pain of being inconvenienced while trying to do something that should be easy, I can say that I am more likely to give my repeat business to a company that thinks about me every step of the way rather than one that exists simply to collect my money every month.

I value companies that value me.

At IVR Tech, one of our core values is to treat others well. We make every effort to ensure that our clients know we value them. We don’t believe that any part of doing business with us should be inconvenient.

I hope that we’ve manifested this belief in many ways, but most recently, with Compass Pay. As an over-the-phone payment solution, Compass Pay allows customers to call one phone number to access their account information and make a payment 24/7.

That means you can pay your bills before you go to the park, on your family walk to the park or while you’re at the park. Whenever works best for you. You can make your payment with a credit card, debit card, electronic check or ACH. Whatever works best for you.

So that said, I am going to wrap this thing up. It’s another nice day in Buffalo and I’m going outside with my kids.