Below are 10 industries that invested in IVR payment solutions and saw an increase in ROI. With IVR payment solutions, your customers will be able to make a convenient payment over the phone in a matter of seconds. Businesses in every industry are exploring on-the-go payment options that offer their customers convenience & freedom.

Storage Facilities
A pay by phone system allows renters to make a quick and easy payment anytime, even after hours. More hours, that can be used to collect which leads an increase in revenue. Sometimes renters need a reminder to pay on time. Sending a text message, with a payment reminder notification, will allow a message will be received. Renters can even send a payment by a text message without comprising their identity or credit card information. Monthly reports show who was contacted when they were contacted, what contact method was used, and how much was paid.

While payments can be made online 62% of utility customers would prefer to make a payment without logging into a system. By implementing a pay by phone tool, utility companies can give their customers the payment experience they’re looking for. A pay by phone application allows customers to call a phone number, hear their account information and make a payment.

Property Management
If a complex is closed on the weekends, the payment due date is moved a few days. It’s inconvenient to the complex as their clerks are likely to be swamped as soon as they open on the next available business day with our IVR payment solutions, payments can be quick and easy. Your staff won’t dread a torrent of tenants that come when rent payments are due.

Public Transportation
Services like Lyft and Uber allow consumers to summon a ride, but their prices aren’t set at fixed fees. A company in Estonia built an Uber-killer app which allowed customers to order and pay for a taxi within in a single user interface. Now taxi companies can compete with their more mobile friendly counterpart, as customers of the app can use their phone to not call a taxi but pay for it as well.

Mobile phone users can make donations to charity by texting a keyword to an SMS shortcode. This is successful as short codes are easier to remember than regular phone numbers, and the keyword would pertain to the purpose of the charity. Donators would then receive a confirmation text message for tax purposes

Health Care
Collecting payments over the phone can make a hospital experience a little better, especially if patients don’t have to go to a crowded billing office. Now patients can just leave the hospital or doctor’s office once they are done, instead of waiting around to make a payment. It’s done on their terms. Doctors’ offices can also collect payments in this manner, or send out text reminders for an upcoming appointment. Over time, the cost of missed appointments adds up significantly. This isn’t just harmful to the practice, but to the patient, as they are not getting the medical care they need. A text message sent via an automated reminder is more likely to get a response than a voice mail or an e-mail.

Traffic tickets
Some states allow people to schedule to plead for a ticket, pay for a ticket, or schedule a hearing by phone. In New York, when a person that receives a ticket they need only provide their name and traffic ticket number and can get right to pay for the violation using their credit or debit card.

Public Parking
Feeding the meter will one day be a thing of the past. Some cities allow people to pay for a parking space using their phone. Need to add time? Keep the coins in your pocket and just send a text

States like California allow people to make appointments, request forms, and renew their vehicle registration over the phone. Now there is no need to wait in nightmarish long lines.

Car tax, property taxes, even the IRS even allows people to pay taxes by phone. Allowing for more options allows taxpayers to pay in a manner most convenient to them.

There are plenty of other examples that could have been chosen to show the virtues of an IVR payment solution such as the restaurant industry, entertainment, sports teams, banking, car rental, and so much more.

However, if a pay by phone application can make dealing with a traffic ticket, parking downtown, the DMV or the IRS a more pleasant experience, isn’t it something you want considering for your customers? Let us show you what Compass Pay can do for you.