When it comes to easy payment solutions, there are many options available. Customers want a quick and easy way to make payments. So, is a mobile wallet a good idea? Which mobile wallet should you look at? We’ve got the answer!

Nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smart phone, paying online or by phone has become easier than ever.

It also benefits businesses to get quick payments. They don’t have to rely on the paper check as much as they used to, and payments are quickly verified.

One popular method of payment is Apple Pay, introduced last October. It works in more than 750,000 stores in the US.

Apple Pay allows users to make a contact payment at thousands of retail locations nationwide. This method pulls a payment from the Passbook app, and allows users to make a payment from a stored credit or debit card. By putting their iPhone 6, or Apple watch, near the payment terminals, the default Apple Pay card pops up. The user completes the transaction with a thumbprint scan, verifying their identity, and the transaction is complete.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told the Wall Street Journal, “In the first 72 hours, we had gone over the 1 million mark in activation of cards. We are already No. 1. We are more than the total of the other guys. We’ve only been at it a week. I feel fantastic.”

There is a disadvantage inherent with the Apple Pay system. With Apple Pay, both the user and the merchant require special equipment to accept payments this way. People that want to hold on to their older models are unable to use it. Not to mention, those that aren’t iPhone users in the first place can’t use it.

Granted, completing systems like Samsung Pay exist, for those that own a Samsung Galaxy. Samsung’s service allows for more options as it uses both near field communication (NFC) and magnetic secure transmission (MST) to transmit payment information. Samsung Pay is being accepted in more and more places every day, but…

Not all merchants can accept payments with Samsung Pay.

If you’re not a retail business, or don’t use a credit card machine to accept payments on site, neither Apple Pay nor Samsung Pay solutions may work for you.

IVR technology offers its own easy payment method solution, called Compass Pay.

With Compass Pay, your business can offer your customers a convenient phone payment solution without the need to purchase new equipment. That’s because your customers can make a payment with a phone call. Customers with any type of phone, including a landline, can pay when your business uses Compass Pay

Best of all, Compass Pay provides your customers with peace of mind. Your clients’ information is secure, and payments. The product was developed in accordance with PCI compliance standards. This means that any information that is processed, stored or transmitted through Compass Pay is done so on a secure server.