Whether preparing for a holiday feast, party, or just a weekly shopping run people will need to go to their local supermarket to stock up. This can seem like a chore when one not only has to prepare a list of what to get but try to save money while doing so.

One way consumers save money is by collecting coupons. Issued by a company, or store, they can be used as a part of sales promotion. Some customers will clip everything that they can get from a magazine, the Internet, or a Sunday newspaper.The thriftier a customer is, the more likely that he or she will purchase a new product if it saves a few pennies. This can add up in the long run.

Yet fewer people are clipping coupons each year. While the US had about 305 billion coupons into circulation, in 2012 the amount of customers that used then dropped by 17% compared to 2011. Nearly half or consumers said that the main reason that they didn’t bother with coupons was because they couldn’t find any for products that they wanted to buy. Customers aren’t willing to search through the Sunday circular for coupons and are frustrated with the low discounts they get. Therefore, unless a coupon is valuable, customers are not likely to make the effort to clip it out.

In order to entice customers, some stores have started using digital coupons. These coupons are actually a lot easier to use compared to traditional ones and there’s no need to print them out.To get started a customer would create an account, their phone number can serve as their ID. After browsing, by category, customers can click on the coupons that they like. Then it’s off to the store. After the customer is done shopping, they can enter their phone number at the register. The number is accessed from the store’s database, and the previously selected coupons are automatically applied.

At IVR Technology, we have a product that can take this to the next level called nResponse. We can help create, manage & store contact lists while keeping them secure. As long as a shortcode is displayed, customers would be able to opt-in at any time. Now they can be given special offers that would serve a dual purpose. They will see an opportunity to save money while being reminded to shop at one of your stores.  Best of all, nResponse doesn’t require any special equipment and can be set up easily.

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