You know every single one of your clients wants (and deserves) instant service.

As a CEO, as an employer as a business partner, as a father and as a friend, I know that it’s difficult – if not impossible – to make everyone happy. We’ve all said it – there just aren’t enough hours in the day to answer every phone call, listen to every voicemail and return every e-mail.

On a personal level, text messaging has made my life a lot easier. I can’t always answer the phone call from my son, but he can always shoot me a quick text to let me know he won his game. I can let him know I’m proud while I’m speed walking into my next meeting.

Texting has become an essential mode of communication for several reasons. It’s quick, it’s easy and it gets the job done. It just makes life easier.

I’ve been thinking about how I can make life easier at IVR Tech — for both our clients and my team. My vision for that is clear. I want to communicate with our customers more efficiently and more effectively. I want to communicate with my team more efficiently and more effectively.

I believe that the best way to improve communication, both professionally and personally, is to take advantage of all of the technologies that are literally at my fingertips. It’s important to recognize, though, that different people communicate differently. Different clients communicate differently. You have figure out how to most appropriately communicate with whom.

In order to do this, you have to be able to offer your customers more than one way to communicate with you. Let them choose how they want to talk to you and then respond via that same channel. If they call you, call them back. If they text you, text them back.

By offering dual channel communications, you make yourself an even-more-valuable asset to your clients. Go out of your way to be convenient, to fit into their lives as they want you to. You’ve got to use both of these channels to support one another and spread your message. You’ll be rewarded with loyal customers who are excited to work with you.

Offering text messaging and voice broadcasting in one single channel is the way of the future. 

Every day, IVR Tech strives to be an industry leader by offering our clients the very best. We’ve got 20 years of experience in providing you with supreme interactive voice response applications. Twenty years from now, we’ll be able to say the same about interactive text response applications.

Interactive text response allows your customers to send a text message to your business’ current phone number. You can send them a response via text message through your computer.

You don’t need expensive, new software. There’s no extensive training period for your team. There’s no costly downtime. It takes the pressure off your team to get onto the next customer service call. It makes your customers happier. It makes life easier.

I believe that if you offer your customers IVR you’ll be halfway there. If you want to get across the finish line, you’ll have to complement and support IVR with ITR.

You know what IVR can do for your business. (Distribute surveys, route phone calls, collect outstanding payments, reset pins and more.) But, times have changed. Technologies have changed. Your customers’ preferences have changed. If you only offer an automated phone call option, your customer experience will be good, but it won’t be great.

Make your customer experience outstanding with interactive text response.

Call us today for a demo. 800-438-1709. We’ll show you how easy it is to make life easier.

Your customers’ needs will be fulfilled faster, giving you the extra time you’ll need to see the next baseball game, instead of just getting post-game updates.

Thanks for your support as IVR Tech forges into the world of interactive text response.

Mike Byrne
CEO, IVR Technology Group