What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX is a cloud-based solution for business communication. Traditionally, businesses relied on a dedicated phone system to help with their communication needs.  This system is called a Private Branch Exchange (PBX). Connected to this PBX were the telephones for the office. This worked as long as employees were all working from one office. Unfortunately, if an employee was offsite, getting a hold of them would be difficult. Not to mention, that hosting this equipment on site could prove to be costly.

Fortunately, services such as VoIP allowed business communications to evolve. This technology allows businesses to host their communications system in the cloud. Now, no matter the size of the organization, businesses increase the potential of their communication. In fact, businesses could have multiple locations throughout the world, and still perform. Hosted PBX allows a business’s employees to work from remote offices, a hotel, or on their cell phone, you name it. Best of all, the cost of hosted PBX is less than its traditional PBX counterpart.

The global Hosted PBX and VoIP phone services market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.5% to 2024 and reach $194B

How Did a Hosted PBX Help One Florida County?

Two years ago, Palm Beach County Florida wanted to improve the quality of their communication for its 1.4 million residents. This included a complete overhaul of its communication system. It started with the replacement of its 87 Legacy PBX systems. Over 10,000 telephones were dedicated to the PBX.

By replacing the county’s communication system with a hosted PBX, the county was able to save a substantial amount of money. No longer would they need to rely on leased circuits from AT&T. Now they could run a network using Palm Beach’s own broadband network. The county’s hosted PBX provided shared IT services to public agencies at a reduced cost. This project got the attention of The Center for Digital Government. Palm Beach County made the top ten cities listed for their 2016 Digital Counties Survey. While the project should conclude in August 2017. It serves as a model for other municipalities. As a matter of fact, a number of cities have expressed interest in contracting with the county to use the service. Discover how our hosted PBX service can help you.

Where Can You Find A Hosted PBX For Your Business?

We’re gearing up for an out of this world, first of its kind platform on August 8th. The new platform will be equipped with a full suite of features to help your business. Our solutions will help meet your needs. Best of all, your company will save a substantial amount compared to a traditional PBX. As your business grows, your business needs to focus on projects, not how to relocate.

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