Once upon a time, it cost an arm and a leg to get those “big business” phone features like an automated attendant all the way down to phone conferencing. This was known as a traditional PBX system, you know those clunky looking hardware boxes you had laying around your office (or maybe still do — yikes!). Nearly 40% of small businesses have exchanged their traditional hardwired phone systems for cutting-edge voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). In today’s world, you can give the presence of a much larger company but pay half the price by moving to a VoIP system. The capabilities of a VoIP system in comparison to a traditional system are mind-blowing.

With additional features like instant messaging, mobility, file sharing, you name it, VoIP systems are beginning to put the Traditional PBX features to shame. In fact, Telecoms are losing an average of 700,000 landline customers per month to VoIP users.

With VoIP, you can have one person dedicated to answering calls for offices. These offices can actually be geographically located in different places, but customers won’t have a clue! For example, if you have a secretary working in an office in Buffalo, NY, she can actually answer all of the incoming calls for your Georgia, Florida or California offices too! Let’s say that an incoming caller would like to speak with someone outside of the Buffalo office. All the secretary has to do is transfer the call via a VoIP system and she can ring an employee in California. That employee can answer however they please, whether it’s through their softphone on the computer, their desk phone or cell phone. The benefit? No matter where you are, a call can be answered quickly and efficiently.

With VoIP, it’s easy to unplug and move to another location. There’s no complex IT decisions involved, so you can pretty much plugin anywhere and get going. You can even keep your phone number, so there’s no need to reprint business cards, flyers, update your email signature, etc. Unlike the clunky landline PBX systems, VoIP allows you to be “anywhere” as long as an internet connection or a wireless signal is available!

Looking to increase productivity? VoIP offers unified messaging tools that can help eliminate the task of calling into a number, putting in your password, realizing you don’t know your password, having to connect to IT etc. Instead, you can be notified via email that you have a new voicemail and listen right then and there.

Since Hosted VoIP is cloud-based, you won’t lose productivity during natural disasters, power outages, you name it! Calls are automatically routed to any phone you choose, whether that’s your cell phone or home office location. And you don’t have to wait for the perfect storm to kick in your personal productivity. Hosted VoIP allows you to create a personal profile of phone numbers so that you can always stay in touch.

The benefits of VoIP to a Traditional PBX system are endless and it’s projected that by the end of 2018 only 6 percent of the U.S. population will still be using the traditional landline phone network. Will you be in that 6%? If you’re ready to make the switch, let’s talk! We offer a fully loaded Hosted PBX system known as Prestophone, check it out here.