Listening to your customers has a direct effects on their loyalty to your company (or lack there of). IVR Technology Group values customer input. Our IVR and Web Surveys are hand-crafted to supply our customers the
feedback they need to build a dedicated client base.

Return on Behavior Magazine displays shocking findings: 68% of service providers lose customers because they communicate a feeling of indifference towards them.

Much more than financial revenue, customers are a company’s secret into pinpointing needs and preferences. When customers are asked “How can we improve?”, the answer will prove golden. IVR or Web/Mobile surveys compile priceless insight as well as hard truths to best transform your company and catapult customer loyalty rates. IVR Tech’s IVR and Web surveys offer the following custom options to best acquire customer feedback:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Product Knowledge Testing and Certification
  • Employee Opinion and Feedback
  • Customer Service (CSR) Evaluations and Post Call Surveys
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Most interactions between the customer and company happen around call center activity. Measuring how successful that correspondence is, serves as critical data for a company’s growth. IVR Tech’s Web and IVR survey platform allows for the voice of the customer to come to the forefront. Regardless of why customers call in, their perception of your company depends on experiences and interactions.

Surveys offer insight into who your customers are and how your services/products are of value to them. IVR Tech is privileged to collaborate with corporations such as Kia Motors. Kia is dedicated to improving their brand by collecting and using customer feedback gathered through IVR Tech’s custom built IVR and Web surveys. Benefits of IVR Tech’s IVR and Web Surveys for Kia, as well as all of our customers, include:

  • Lower cost of administration
  • Prompt handling of complaints
  • Quick identification of problem areas
  • Immediate feedback
  • Higher response rates compared to traditional survey instruments
  • No interviewer bias

Without detailed customer feedback, growth is impossible. Not knowing if the direction you are headed is the same direction your customer demands is a recipe for disaster. Making yourself vulnerable to hear customer comments can be difficult. Changing elements of your product or service may not be easy. But not listening in the first place is the scariest possibility when attempting to run a successful company. Remember, if you aren’t asking your customers how they see you, you won’t know when they’re ready to leave.

Communicate a desire to hear your customer today. Implement IVR Technology Group’s IVR or Web/Mobile Surveys for your company.

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