How can your business thrive with IVR Technology Group’s SMS/Text Message Marketing services?

Weather small or large scale, any business can successfully market through IVR Tech’s SMS/Text Messaging service. Let’s say your business is a Mom and Pop mini golf place young families love to frequent with co-workers and their families… (yes, that’s some
of us and our photogenic families at Charcoal Chorral)

Now with IVR Tech’s SMS/Text Messaging service, your customers get text reminders about upcoming events or themed nights. A link to your business is included so smartphone users can immediately visit your website.

To increase your contact list, you have cleverly displayed signs throughout the course with your IVR Tech phone number, prompting visitors to text the phrase “Hole in One!”. Upon texting “Hole in One”, they instantly receive a discount on their next 18 holes.
You will love how easy it is to sent and receive texts. Your customers will love the convenience of getting event reminders, promotions and discounts right in the palm of their hand.

IVR Technology Group works with long and short codes. We provide opt-in and opt-out support. For just pennies a text, you will be able to measure growth instantly.

To learn more, please visit us at or call 716-250-2800.

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