The hospital check-in process takes way too long. So long in fact, I have been tempted to call an ambulance while standing inside the ER waiting room. I’ve felt helpless waiting over an hour to simply check my sick child in. As the room filled with a crowded herd of patients, my tolerance began to fade. I wondered why there wasn’t a more effective, time-saving way of checking us in.

St. Anthony Hospital
in Denver recognized their patient’s frustration and has found a solution through iTriage. iTriage’s ER Check-In™ is a mobile application, registering patients upon arrival at the ER right through their personal smartphone.

With more and more people owning smart phones, these tech-savvy consumers utilize their mobile devices to search for medical information and access providers. iTriage users notify St. Anthony’s of their pending ER visit directly from their smartphone or Web-enabled device. iTriage offers fast, easy and convenient access of emergency room registration services.

Since patients have recently begun registering their ER visits through iTriage platform, St. Anthony’s has measured:

  • Increases in patient traffic
  • Improvements in patient satisfaction
  • Increased amount of ER healthcare delivery

Providing patients with the access they need and a relationship they value is a priceless gift for your hospital or Private Practice. Like iTriage, IVR Technology Group‘s MDCall improves the patient experience through accessible communication. People today are advocates of their own health. Tap into your proactive clientele by offering them a communication tool that adds value and validity to your patients.

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