call-15924_1920, hosted contact centers, ivr tech group IVR has been busy this past quarter with its Hosted Contact Centers suite.

Since our launch, interest has been high. We’ve increased our customer base significantly by adding over 650 agents throughout multiple companies since last quarter to our hosted contact centers suite! Such strong demand for our solution is a testament to the value it delivers and what a smart investment it proves to be for our customers.

Why HCC?

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Implement flexible staffing
  • Deliver quick deployment
  • Scale up or down
  • Manage peak times and remote agents
  • Conduct seasonal campaigns
  • Outsource with our easy-to-use tools and knowledgeable support staff
Our customers have done their research. After comparing our services, benefits, and commitment to customer service its no wonder why IVR’s HCC is rapidly expanding.
Want to learn more? Click here to see how IVR stacks up against one of our toughest competitors in the business.
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