businessmen-1039903_1920, carrier IDOutbound Made Simple w/ Carrier ID

IVR is thrilled to present our newest product, Carrier ID!

Sending outbound calls, whether dozens, or thousands, doesn’t have to be complicated. Recent regulations in regards to parameters set for making outbound calls has postponed the development of Carrier ID into existence. IVR’s John Crouthamel stresses the importance of working within these regulations: “Separating out cell phone numbers prior to using automated outbound is no longer an option – you need to be sure you are contacting landlines (unless you have an opt in from your customers to use their cell phone number).”

Carrier.ID is an organizational software tool, scrubbing numbers and presenting you with three valuable lists. The numbers are sorted into categories of…

  1. Cellular
  2. Land-line
  3. Inactive

Log-in to your account, upload your master list, and receive your numbers back categorized into 3 separate files. In addition, Carrier ID also brings the added bonus of identifying the carrier of any cellular number.

Reach customers and stay within regulations through Carrier ID. Try Carrier.ID yourself free for the first month! Give us a call and we will set you up! (716) 250-2800 or email

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