Mohawk Paper, a leading paper manufacturer, is now arming their sales team with a mobile application from IVR Technology Group.

This mobile application for Apple and Android is simple in functionality but powerful in terms of following Mohawk’s supply chain management in real time. When Mohawk creates new products, their sales team keeps their
distributors in the know. The mobile app Mohawk now has at their fingertips empowers their sales team with accessibility to product quantity in any of their warehouses. Time isn’t wasted on hold as someone at corporate checks with the warehouse manager. Inventory and warehouse locations are as close as the palm of a hand.

A bright future for business apps await. In addition to checking inventory levels and locations of availability, placing an order and processing payment is also a time and cost saving feature of an application that can be utilized in any project manager’s iPhone or Android. Seeing as how there just may be an app for everything, businesses are now asking, “How can mobile applications enhance our corporations?” Applications such as Mohawk’s chain management tool are just a suggestion for the future of mobile applications in the business world.

IVR Technology Group is a secure voice and text application service provider.

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