Web Software and Mobile Applications add an invaluable dimension within a company’s accessibility to the customer that works seamlessly alongside ivr and sms technologies. Our software engineers build applications tailored for our clients’ needs in languages ranging in PHP, HTML, CSS, Django, Ruby-on-Rails, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Flex, and several more. The point being, each product conceived is a reflection of who our client is and how IVR Tech’s services enhance the specific goals of their company.

When you think IVR (Interactive Voice Response), telephones and voice prompts may be what immediately comes to mind. While IVR Tech remains faithful to its established clientele who utilize us for building and implementing their telephone service needs, we know customers are using their phones for so much more than talking.

From building electronic health records for health plans, to a management solution application within the educational arena, our Success Team immerses itself in the vision our customers have for their application. We work with our clients as partners, spending the necessary time to understand their business processes, use cases, and desired outcomes.

Building Web and Mobile Applications for companies we have established a partnership with and invested ourselves in, makes their success a priority. Our talented team of designers, programmers, and support staff work through every detail developing, testing, and deploying web-based software that brings value to our clients’ companies.

Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in finding out more about our work and our expertise, or are interested in engaging us for a project you have in mind!

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