How am I doing?

Organizations today need to know how they are doing to be competitive and relevant. Whether it’s to poll customers or employees or shareholders, many companies are turning to IVR survey solutions and we know just the reason why..

Voice and Text Surveys:

  • show the customer you care about their experience / feelings toward your company
  • express flexibility as a corporation
  • save your company money as you seek to retain customers instead of only gain new ones
Satisfaction surveys are simple to deploy and will prove to be valuable tools within areas of product development, marketing techniques,and  customer service.

 Benefits include:

  • Immediate results: The customer’s responses are fed back into the company’s database where reports are run to provide insight into the service delivery and identify any follow-up actions to be deployed – all within hours of completing a service delivery.
  • Actionable steps: Recovering feedback quickly enables immediate action to resolve any uncovered issue(s).
  • Accuracy: The timeliness of results allows the most accurate, the most immediate results possible.
  • Data analysis: Regular timing intervals of new data to analyze helps you retain customers!

 IVR’s Survey Solution:

The survey tool provided the platform for the cable company to implement the survey within two weeks. Furthermore, the reporting tools provided real time feedback and action flags that signaled survey responses the deserved live agents to follow-up.

Could your company benefit from valuable customer feedback?

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