Partnering up with organizations who advocate for others makes us at IVR Technology Group feel purposeful in our work. More than building IVR, website, and mobile applications, we are sometimes the vehicle used to spread awareness and gather support for meaningful causes. One such organization is Our Time.

Our Time is a political advocacy campaign raising awareness and offering support for businesses run by Americans under 30 years old. With the country’s current economic instability and unemployment staying at a high percentage, Our Time was launched to highlight up-and-coming businesses and offer under 30 year old vendors a location to advertise and sell their products (through Buy Young).

IVR Tech created and launched a year ago this month. Since then, we have been blessed to be featured on MSNBC and speak in front of a panel at the White House for the “White House Interactive Session with Young Entrepreneurs from Our Time’s Buy Young Initiative”. Valuing young entrepreneurs and supporting fresh innovators inspires each of us at IVR Technology Group. Encouraging the next generation of leaders, inventors and business people fuels each of us to commit ourselves to a personal goal of lifelong learning.

The past year with Our Time has been a thrill to IVR Technology Group because of the positive impact and national recognition spotlighting initiatives geared to support an upward swing of our country’s economic state. We are humbled to play a small role in making big strides toward strengthening U.S. workforce for the newest college graduated generation.

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