Every time the phone rings, a prospective patient could be on the other end of the line. Traditionally, new patients are referred to you by your network of supporting clinicians. Today, patients take their health into their own hands.With the evolution of communication technologies comes multiple marketing avenues. An influx of prospective callers are finding you online, not only through traditional advertising. IVR Tech’s Call Tracking software offers valuable analytic results. You see which advertising methods are used most and from which demographic. Trace each call or click, increase advertising efforts in hotter demographics according to past traffic and kill wasted avenues no one travels down.

IVR Technology Group’s Call Tracking software offers quantifiable results of where leads come from. Each advertising channel chosen is assigned one unique phone number within a targeted geographic area. Examples being newspaper ads, direct mail pieces, infomercials, or yellow pages. Traffic due to these media resources dictates future investments in specific demographics.

Lead generating and cost saving Features include:

  • Real-time call tracking reports online
  • Customized call routing on all your numbers
  • Whisper message prepares the receiving party information about the caller before the connection is made.
  • Integration with Google Analytics

Call tracking (or rather “click tracking”) proves imperative as prospectives and leads are generated through specific search engines. Are most people finding you when they search through Google? Bing? Yahoo? Comparing the numbers allows you the freedom to invest more into the search browser(s) you know your target audience optimizes.

Generating traffic history and evaluating lead patterns lays out the road map for your company’s future advertising efforts. Learn more about how Call Tracking and Analytics, powered by IVR Technology Group, can serve as an invaluable tool bringing more patients to your your practice.

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