Lots of things bug me about going to the doctor. My least favorite aspect is repeating myself continuously: hoping I have
relayed my allergies, past surgeries, and other medical history appropriately. Phil Colpas shares my angst in his blog in Health Management Technology. Phil asks, “When will healthcare IT actually improve the patient experience?”

IVR Technology Group says, “Now”. Now is when IVR Tech built EHRs (Electronic Health Records) can be implemented, recording and saving patient profiles, history, and prescriptions. Now is when hospitals and physician practices can improve their call flow by customizing their answering service and eliminating live agents through MDCall.
IVR Tech may not help your doctor visit experience in terms of monotonously thumbing through out of date parenting magazine publications, and dealing with the sad truth that most nurses will mispronounce your name if you happen to be Phil Colpas or Kristen Sanasith. But time will not be misused rerecording important information that rarely changes and clinicians will be reached as quickly as possible with a reliable service they collaboratively built with IVR Tech’s experienced developers. Improving the patient experience through technology is happening now and IVR Technology Group is thrilled to be a part of this client centered shift.
Let us know what benefits you’ve seen as technology has entered the scene in the healthcare arena.

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