Healthcare Products: 1, 2, 3!

IVR Technology Group’s Healthcare line clearly defines our products and services in 2013. Defining our customer pools, what they need, and how our vision lines up with their goals is our motivation this year. As we accumulate a broder customer base ranging in industries of medical, finance, and various others, ITG recognizes the need to communicate our role within those spaces.

Our newest addition, Jason Blanchet, is ready to add definition to our healthcare division through his experience in sales of durable medical equiptment. Jason shares the vision of ITG through his belief that healthcare clinicians deserve technology answers that are simple to navigate and cost effective.

IVR Technology Group offers three distinct product lines within the Healthcare division:

  1. Customer Contact Solutions: cell service portal, customer list creative campain
  2. MDCall: after hours call support answering service
  3. Pay by Phone (mobile and web solution): customers pay medical bills through dedicated toll free numbers

IVR Technology Group recognizes the healthcare war of competitive bidding. Our products offer specific, measurable ways of cutting costs and maximizing our customers’ efforts: producing a rippling effect on every area a medical group can save money and boost productivity in.

ITG believes every medical group deserves technological solutions that maximize their time, money, and productivity.Learn more about how IVR Technology Group can add functionality, time efficiency, and cost saving products to your practice or hospital.

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