A Mobile Catalog highlights your business or company in the form of a mobile application accessed through your customer’s smart phone or tablet. Just like a traditional paper catalog or brochure, mobile catalogs offer  a quick overview of services/products available, a physical/cyber location, and a visual reminder of the customer’s first encounter with your business (upon receiving your catalog).

Mobile Catalogs take the purpose of a catalog or brochure and surpass their paper-bound limitations. Instead of being left in their car or thrown in the garbage soon after they leave your company, a Mobile Catalog stays on the wall of one of your customer’s most treasured possessions (their smartphone or tablet). Limitless product space, service examples, as well as the availability to incorporate multimedia are some of the standard benefits to Mobile Catalogs. IVR Technology Group will make your company accessible, convenient and current all within your custom Mobile Catalog.

Would a Mobile Catalog be beneficial to your company’s collection of sales tools? Let’s see…

      • Does your company sell something? Whether it be a product or a service, Mobile Catalogs are effective at highlighting and attracting.
      • Do you already have a catalog or sales brochure? Perfect. Any information already within your current brochure or catalog can be incorporated into a Mobile Catalog. But this is just the beginning as multimedia components will add a level of interest paper just was never able to do before.
      • Do you want to reduce costs? Printing and mailing costs disappear as your company grows a little greener.
      • Do you want a way to reach your company’s ideal customers? Customers using an iPad spend more money than those ordering on a desktop computer.
      • Do you need a way to improve your company’s image? Incorporating a Mobile Catalog is innovative and resourceful. It offers a courtesy of convenience to forward thinking consumers.

IVR Technology Group is excited to grow your company through the implementation of a Mobile Catalog as you reach your tech-savvy clientele. Lower advertising costs, highlight your company, and make yourself as accessible as possible. IVR Tech is ready to help.

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