Developers are a mystical bunch to non-tech-savy people. Not being a developer myself, I am stupefied by our devs at IVR Technology Group. I’ve received strange looks when their blurred, coding hands slow to a hen peck because I am caught literally peering over their shoulder; trying to make the connection between the written language of Django and the functional, beautiful mobile application we move to testing in the short weeks that follow.

IVR Technology Group loves knowing our customers desire to jump into all aspects of functionality and design for their custom applications. To better incorporate feedback and allow them access to their product at every stage, IVR Tech is implementing JIRA to best empower our customers to participate in the creation of their application. JIRA software is a project management tracking tool. With JIRA, developers, project managers, and customers collaborate together, not only at the beginning of a project, but continuously throughout. Each member logs into the account, leave comments and suggestions and can even track the estimated completion date.

The “developer’s den” is no more as each stage of development is easily measured and lines of communication are opened through the JIRA chanel. Our newest customers are benefitting from JIRA’s easy maneuverability and are seeing progress to their application being made on a continual basis.

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