Chirag Desai attends and launches the Ithaca Venture Community in association with Elisa Miller-Out.

“I want to create an environment of interest and collaboration; a mind-meld of VCs and intelligent technologists and programmers,” says Chirag.

Chirag Desai attends the Ithaca Venture Community; An informal get-together where investors, developers, and business people come to share ideas, build relationships, and hopefully even build start-up teams. These venues are also a great opportunity for students from surrounding educational institutions to meet technology professionals. Workshops, speakers and other career building opportunities are highlights within the schedule. A Happy Hour is held on the last Wednesday of every month at the Ithaca Coffee Company on from 4-6pm.

Chi and Elisa are thrilled for Ithaca Venture Community to get going. Ithaca Venture Community will no doubt become the area’s hub for venture capitalists, developers, and computer science majors alike. Learning from each other’s experiences and diving deep into the topics and visions that inspire will prove to be of great benefit to Ithaca’s business community. This is yet another exciting opportunity for IVR Technology Group to become more involved in the Buffalo area. To learn more about IVR Technology Group please meet our team here.

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